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   Chapter 7 I'm Pregnant

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"Doctor, did you just say I'm pregnant?"

"Yes, Miss Mu."

"Pre... Pregnant?"

This was like a thunderbolt from the sky, making Lena so shock she was unable to say anything. She seemed pale and looked at the female doctor in white coat with trembling voice.

Recently, she felt nausea and lost her appetite. She thought she might have eaten something unclean, so she decided to have a light diet to have a good rest.

But she didn't expect that the symptoms would become more and more serious, and her period she should have expected every month didn't come. That made her even more afraid. It was not until Nora came to see her with a pack of snacks and found something wrong with her that she came to the hospital.

Then the doctor arranged her to receive a B-ultrasound, and…

To all of this, she felt ridiculous.

How did it come to this?

She gazed blankly at the medical terms on the pregnancy test report, until she saw the familiar words. Her heart clenched, and her hand that held the sheet even tighter, blue veins standing out on it.

The doctor on the other side of the desk stopped writing. She tucked a strand of hair behind the ear and spoke in a professional and gentle voice. Then she began to state the matters needing attention in the early stage of pregnancy in detail.

"Miss Mu, now you are eight weeks pregnant. Nausea, vomiting and aversion are a normal reaction in the early stage of pregnancy. "…"

"Mrs. Mu, don't be afraid. Every mother has to go through such a process for the first time. If you are really uncomfortable, just let your husband... "

Those words went from Lena's left ear to the right, and she couldn't listen to anything or think about anything.

At last, she didn't know how she left the hospital.

"Lena." When Nora saw the order, her heart was also turned upside down. She didn't know how to comfort her best friend. She went to a beverage shop, ordered something and sat in the corner with Lena.

She knew that Lena had broken up with Sherlock, but they hadn't had sex yet when they broke up. So how did this child thing happen?

And in the past two months, Lena was obviously avoiding someone.

Eight weeks, two months…

An idea flashed through Nora's head. She thought it would be unbelievable. Was that possible?

No matter whether she guessed was right or not, Lena was in a dilemma at the moment. Her whole body was entangled like a hemp rope.

She didn't love him with her heart and hadn't have the chance to experience the pleasure of sex. Yet already she was firmly chained by what the doctor said and was ruthlessly announced to be pregnant.

"I, I have already broken up." She murmured. It seemed as if she was persuading herself or telling someone else.

"Child, it was just a one night thing, and its father may, probably...."

"Lena, I'm not the doctor. I'm Nora. Look at me! " Although Nora had guessed it in her mind, it didn't make it any easier to hear the answer.

She wanted to know how it had happened. She wanted to know if Lena had been forced to have sex. But she controlled her curiosity, barely.

Lena was not very calm at the moment, completely immersed in her own thoughts.

"Lena, don't be afraid. I'm right here with you. Don't be afraid..." No one wanted to see this happen, especially to Lena. She was very simple and had never encountered such difficult matters.

With the gentle comfort of Nora, Lena calmed down gradually.

"Nora, the baby is Cliff's. What should I do? " Lena put her head on Nora's shoulder and her hands on her belly gently.

There was a little baby there. It was unbelievable.

That baby had her and Cl

iff's blood. It was their baby.

She had sex with Cliff, just two months ago.

Suddenly, Lena's face turned red with tears in her eyes.

"Lena, do you want to keep it or get an abortion? " Nora kept her voice low, as if she would frighten Lena with a loud voice.

"I..." Lena got nervous again. Get an abortion? Keep it?

What should she do?

"Lena, think about it. You are only eight weeks pregnant, you'd better decide quickly. If you want to get an abortion, the sooner the better it will be for your body. If you want to keep it, you better tell Cliff about it. I don't want you to raise a child alone. "

"Nora, let me think about it." Lowering her head, no one could see the emotions in Lena's eyes.

It was a sunny day. Breeze blew as if it kissed her on the cheek.

Meanwhile, Lena mustered up some courage and came to the Huo Company. She took a few deep breaths before she went in to find Cliff.

When the pregnancy test list was crumpled up and placed in front of Cliff, Lena felt as if her heart was stitched by someone.

Cliff glanced over the forms quickly, raised his eyebrows and gave a cunning smile.

"What's the point you are trying to make?" With his back against the leather sofa, Cliff looked up at Lena, but there was a sense of oppression in his eyes.

"I'm pregnant." Thinking of this, Lena felt a little sad.

She couldn't read Cliff's mind or expression, but she tried to answer with composure.



It was just a simple question, but why did she feel suffocated?

Especially the arrogance and unusual calm in his eyes, there was no usual familiarity, which made Lena more panic.

"Yes." Lena nodded awkwardly.

"So, are you saying you want to have the baby?" There was no emotions in his words, as if the girl in front of him who had been spoiled by him so much from childhood was just an irrelevant passer-by who had nothing to do with him, let alone pregnancy, and it could be said that it's someone else's.

"I..." Lena didn't know what to say. She had thought about this question, but she didn't have a clear answer. So she came to ask for his help. After all, half of the baby's blood came from him, and he had the right to know.

"Answer me." The indifference was like a knife pointing at Lena's face, and there is no escape.

Why did he force her?

Her eyes were immediately filled with tears. And soon she felt sick again because of her deep mood swing.

"The baby in my womb has half of your genes. What have happened cannot be changed. It's too late to pretend and avoid our responsibilities. I know that I'm the one who made the first move and should take more blame. But you are the baby's father, and you have the right to determine its fate. " With her eyes closed, Lena finished her words in one breath.

"So, in a nutshell, do you want me to pay you for raising your child? Raise this child? I don't know if it is my child. " His cold tone fully showed his disdain and impatience.

"What's the price? Give me a number. " At the same time, he casually took a check book and held a pen, waiting for Lena to offer a number.

"Ten million?" The pen slowly fell down.

" Silence? Really?"

"Is it not enough?"

"Then, fifty million, or I'll give you one hundred million." Before Lena said anything else, Cliff had finished the check.

That scene deeply stung Lena's eyes. She was completely. She could feel the emotion of unfamiliarity, and even disgust from Cliff.

"One hundred million?" She didn't know how she managed to utter those words.

"I can add another one hundred million." Without raising his head, Cliff wrote another check.

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