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   Chapter 6 Hungry Wolf Eats

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Darkness was like a forbidden area under the devil's circle.

The drunken girl, like a snake, attached to the tall man, lifting her neck like the most elegant white swan, but at this time her wings were stained with the color of desire. It was black, attractive and mysterious.

The vapor in the bathroom blurred their eyes, making their bodies so hot as if a fire had been ignited.

The sound of swallowing saliva was like the beginning of a war.

Not knowing who kissed who first, he fire of desire burst in the magma and burned down their minds. Both of them were out of control. They both lost their mind and just wanted to rub each other into their own flesh and blood.

When the kiss was over, they were soaked to the skin, showing the most tempting side.

She… She was crying.

Tears fell down from her closed eyes. Cliff reached out his tongue, it was a little salty. He opened his eyes slowly.

He asked with his suffocating and hoarse voice, "Why are you crying? "

"Cliff, I'm not afraid."

"You..." She asked in a hoarse voice. What a beautiful view.

Anyone else would have fallen for such a temptation.

But he was crystal sober at that point.

He understood what she meant and understood what she referred to.

But even so, if her heart was not here with him, what would happen after they hooked up?

He couldn't do such a thing to her, even at her request.

Because she was not sober at the moment.

"Dear Cliff." She was like a helpless little beast. She had lost her direction in nature and didn't know where to go. She kept mumbling, begging for help.

"Lena, you are drunk." Said Cliff in a low and deep voice, cold as if he had come from an ice cave underground, he was staring at her calmly.

"No, I'm not drunk." Her long hair was waved into waves. Her unfocused eyes became clear for a short time. Her soft hand fondled the face that had been deeply rooted in her memory.

"Do you know who I am then?"

"You're Cliff, my dear Cliff!" He pouted her rosy lips to stop the chattering.

"Lena, are you sure you won't regret it?" Cliff held her shoulders tightly. His voice was high pitched as if he was mocking her, or trying to break through her disguise, and making the final confirmation with his cold voice.

"No, I won't regret it..." Lena screamed that out. She was on the verge of losing control of her emotions.

But Cliff didn't move. Instead, he grasped her arms tightly. His eyes darkened, and the magma in his eyes was swallowed up by the black flame.

Finally, as she wished, it would be an extremely Indescribable night.

The next day.

When she woke up with her head aching and tears, Lena found herself lying in a familiar luxurious room.

A man was lying quietly beside her, as if he was sleeping.

When Lena found out who the man was, she was so shocked that she fell down from the bed all of a sudden.

Is, is that really Cliff?

She, she…

'What is this place? Why am I here? ' Lena had completely forgotten what had happened last night. The alcohol and the first time sex going on for the whole night made her brain in chaos.

"Are you awake?" Cliff asked in a hoarse voice. His lips curled into a smirk.

"I..." Lena's eyes twinkled with incertitude.

All of a sudden, she felt a chill all over her body. Her body was as sore and uncomfortable as if it was ripped apart and got recombined together, especially in some unspeakable places.

Lena finally realized what had happened to her. In a hurry, she took off a quilt from the bed and tucked it around her body.

"What… You, I... "

"What did you do to me?"

After having her face being pale for a while, Lena became flushed. She panicked and didn't know what to do. Even her defensive action se

emed awkward.

" Well, what do you think I did?" At the moment, he was full of danger.

"I..." This familiar face could still be depicted even with her eyes closed. However, at this moment, Lena felt unfamiliar, as if she had never known him before. She became more hesitant.

He looked down at her and then bent down gracefully, getting close to her in a charming and attractive way.

The distance between them became closer. At the sight of this, Lena felt her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

This, this man…

Seeing this, Lena swallowed saliva swiftly. Her face turned red in panic. She held the quilt tightly and the blue veins stood out on the back of her hand.

What should she do?

Even though he was her dear Cliff, she felt he was so strange to her. The care and gentleness he used to give her was nothing but a wisp of clouds.

He looked like an indolent nobleman, with arrogance and indifference in his gestures. And his faint smile made her feel bad and sink into an abyss.

"Lena, did you forget about it?" Cliff supported himself with one hand on the edge of the bed, and said in a lazy and tantalizing tone. Meanwhile, his clear and slightly cold right hand slid through her jaw with the index finger. She trembled, and her eyes widened in confusion.

"Cliff, I, I..." At the sight of the helplessness and dependence in her eyes, Lena looked like an elegant Persian cat that had been ravaged.

"You got drunk in a bar last night, and you didn't have the money to pay for the drink. Then you ran into me and offered me yourself in exchange for money. Then..."

"I didn't mean to take advantage of you. But you've changed into a totally different person when you got drunk, so..."

He didn't have to say anything more, Lena heard everything clearly. How she wished she could dig a hole in the ground and hid herself away from this awkward situation.

She couldn't have remembered what happened in the bar, but according to Cliff's story, the memory in the bar gradually became as clear as a mirror and went straight into her mind.

"Lena, you were really brave last night. You pushed me down on the bed and tore my pants off like a hungry wolf..."

At this moment, Lena was forced to step back.

"Cliff, I, I..." Lena couldn't find anything to defend herself anymore, her eyes twinkling.

Cliff leaned forward a little, posted a gesture of listening, but locked his eyes on her little face like a beast.

'Hungry? A hungry wolf?

Her, her? '

No, no, absolutely not.

At this moment, an idea flashed through Lena's mind.

She must get out of here, no matter what happened.

As soon as he thought of that, her stiff body started to move quickly. Even though her mind was in a mess, she still managed to put on her clothes and left as fast as she could.

The series of movements only took a few minutes. But when Lena escaped, she felt that a century had passed.

'Last night you pounced on me like a hungry wolf. You kissed me and then…

Last night you…'

It was like a magic spell echoing in Lena's mind.

Oh God!

What did she do?


Why did things turn out like that?

Lena, it's wrong to escape!

A vicious smile cracked Cliff's face. His eyes were full of unconcealed emotions. Like a storm was coming, lightning split through the sky.

Lena was a little dizzy and stood at the crossroad with her eyes barely open.

Why did that happen last night? She really didn't remember much, she…

She didn't dare to face it.

She became confused and scared, not knowing where to go.

Would things like this really pass easily?

Just leave! The farther, the better.

"Mr. Huo, Miss Lena got on a taxi and got out of the city."

"Follow up."

"Yes, sir. "

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