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   Chapter 5 No Money For Getting Drunk

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Blue bar in the evening, with the magic of lights and music, was very mysterious and attractive.

Those who had been busy for a whole day, those who had broken up with their loved ones, and those who wished to meet someone special, they would choose to come to this spot to ease the pressure.

In a corner, there sat two young girls. In the dim light, they were glowing with youth, which didn't really fit into the atmosphere of the bar.

The two girls talked in whispers and drank down one glass after another.

Their bold and unrestrained manner had attracted a lot of attention. Quite a number of people were looking at the two of them in silence and were ready to take an action.

Not far from the two girls, there were four men sitting there. Their figures were hidden in the dark. Occasionally, with a flash of light, you could see four unusually handsome faces.

One was resolute, deep, one was mixed blood, looked evil and attractive. One looked gentle, and the last one looked fresh and naive.

They sat together, talking and laughing, there was a vacuum zone between them and the others.

These four men distracted all the women in the bar, especially when they saw the one who sat in the sofa in the middle of the room. He wore a silk black shirt with half of his chest and a straight neck exposed, which made the women try to raise their heads to look more.

The women were excited enough to have screamed.

Not only was he a mixed race, but he was also way too handsome and dissolute. Who doesn't want to marry someone like him!

On the contrary, the man sat on the opposite side of the mixed-raced man was dressed neatly and behaved very meticulously. He gracefully held a glass filled with sea blue liquid, and his deep dark eyes was looking at the drunken girls without blinking. He looked at the one who sat inside with a ponytail, and the magma rolled in his eyes gave out a hint of gentleness.

"Cliff is such a pussy. He has been in love with her for so many years. I don't know what he wants to do. Maybe he is incapable, or he wants to be a monk or a Virgin Mary. " Hiram, who's got an innocent baby face and a personality of a demon, pursed his lips and said sarcastically.

"Hiram, shut up. Come have a drink. " Jacob squinted at Hiram and handed him a full glass of wine.

"Sure, sure..." Hiram drank up the wine and refilled his glass. Then he dared Jacob to drink more.

"Cliff, when are you going there?" With his exotic and charming face, Austin gave Cliff a push.

"Anytime." Cliff took a sip and frowned.

"You know Cliff, none of us had expected your little kitty to behave like this!" Austin said with a strange tongue, obviously implying something.

"My little kitten was taking an occasional break. But when are you going to subdue your leopard? " It seemed that these two outstanding men were communicating in language that only they knew.

"My leopard's claws are still too sharp, and I have to grind them." As his good-looking fingers stroked his jaw, Austin chuckled in an unspeakable evil voice.

After turning his head around to take a look, Cliff then looked back at his kitten.

As for leopard or tiger, whether it end up getting peel or cramped had nothing to do with him, right?

The two girls, who had been noticed by a lot of attention, began to cry again after laughing for a while, completely ignoring that they were in a bar. They would even get up and swear, and then sit down to drink one cup after another.

Many people were attracted by their frank and adorable looks.

"Misses, do

you need to refill your glasses?" A handsome bartender came to them, bottles in his flexible fingers danced in the air.

"Yes!" Drunk, Lena pushed her glass forward.

The bartender mixed a glass of Bloody Mary and Lena drank it up at one gulp without hesitation.

"Ahem!" That unthoughtful move made her cough badly and blushed.

"Are you okay, miss?" As the bartender spoke, he quickly made two more glasses for each one of them, Lena and Nora.

"What... What is okay? "

"I... I… Nothing... "

"More, come again.."

Waving her arms, Lena shouted stubbornly. At the same time, Nora who had passed out next to her opened her eyes and smiled.

"More, more..." Then she repeated what Lena had said and asked the bartender for a another refill.

"Okay, okay, here you go." The bartender seemed helpless and pushed the glasses towards them again.

They were stuck in the routine of drinking a lot and coughing severely, over and over, it was hard to watch.

"Cliff, the cat and leopard are going to be caught by others." Austin put down his glass of wine with a murderous look in his eyes.

"Got it. " Slowly, Cliff withdrew his sight and took another sip of the liquid in the glass before putting it down in an elegant and dignified manner.

"Let's do it together!" Hiram, who was unwilling to be left alone, liked the boisterous scene and followed up immediately.

Jacob shook his head and then grabbed his suit jacket, putting it on his wrist and followed behind with a gentle smile.

"Sir, would you like a drink?"

"Sir, can we spend the whole night together?"


All types of women with enchanting bodies were chatting with them on the way.

One of them held a sinister smile, looking at the beauties up and down like a picky work of art.

"Your conditions don't seem to be enough to draw our attention… Let alone the fact that you are all too fake... "

His ruthless refusal made the female crowed angry. They said curses, stomped their feet and turned around angrily to get another man for the night.

"Hahaha… Hahaha… Oh my God! It's so funny! "

"I love to see Austin refusing a beautiful woman. He has such a sharp tongue..."

Hiram bent over Jacob's shoulder, rubbing his own belly with a big smile on his face.

Austin gave a cold look to him and Jacob covered Hiram's mouth immediately.

Couldn't he sense the atmosphere? This was not the time to joke around.

"How can you..."

"We, we have money… We weren't trying to hit and run. We have money, so much of them… Burp… Let me go, let go of me now... "

"Let... Let go... I know martial arts. Let go of your dirty hands Burp…"

Meanwhile at the bar counter, Lena fumbled for cash in her bag, but couldn't find any. Even her credit card was gone.

Nora was also unstable to stand but she tried her best to protect them from being touched.


Then, there was a burst of noise, it was Lena pouring out all the things in her bag, such as mobile phone, lipstick, tissue… Almost everything was there. She just didn't have her wallet.

"Burp…" Another ungraceful hiccup! Lena's face flushed and her eyes were blurred.

"No, no, how can it be gone?" Lena murmured.

The bartender's face darkened. He winked at several tall, strong men. Then he took a few more steps forward.

Once the bartender gave the order, they would immediately clean up the drunk who couldn't pay.

"Go, go away… We have the money. We can make phone calls to make sure that… They send the money here... " Nora looked vigilantly at the men and groped for her phone.

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