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   Chapter 2 Do You Love Me

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"Happy birthday, Lena." There were bags around his eyes as his tired gaze fell upon her, but even then, one couldn't deny a hint of emotion that rose in his eyes at the sight of Lena.


She felt at loss for words as tears ran down her cheeks. It truly had been so long since she'd seen him.

"What's wrong?" he urged. There was just something intimidating inside his gaze that would make anyone quake in sight.

Lena turned, looking down on the pavements beneath her feet.

"" She trailed off, trying to gather her nerves.

After a few seconds of leaning into him, she was finally able to raise her head and look him in the eye. "I–I don't love him that much. I think we broke up."

He stood there like a tree, guarding her from the howling winds and harsh rains. His arms enveloped her, pulling her deep into his warmth.

"You'll find a better man," he said softly. His voice was calming, enough to put even a baby to rest. "Don't be so harsh on yourself."


She sniffled. There was just something about Cliff Huo that always seemed to put her mind at ease.

"You will," he confirmed.

"I–I feel dizzy." Finally relaxed, Lena's shoulders sagged in relief, almost losing balance at that moment. Her vision started to whirl around her.

Her forehead was already starting to burn up.

It was always like this – ever since they were kids. She'd always rely on Cliff Huo whole heartedly.

As long as he was by her side, she'd be happy. It felt as if the sun was brighter and the stars shone when she was with him.

If Sherlock didn't want her, then she didn't want him either. That was fine!

All she wanted was Cliff, just him, always him.

She didn't really feel anything as she was carried up by Cliff. She didn't have the best

immune system ever since she was a kid. As long as it was chilly out or too hot out, she'd always find herself catching a cold. She was always reminded to drink more vitamins or else they'd find her carted into the nearest hospital.

Cliff shook his head, wanting nothing more than to scold her for taking care of herself so poorly. However, just seeing her in this state made him want nothing more than to just simply be with her.

He took care of her the whole night.

The family doctor that he called up left once the whole procedure was finished.

Cliff stayed up all night. The dark circles under his eyes were further emphasized, and his stubble decorated his face. Even if he was exhausted, the air around him was still deterrent yet elegant.

As Lena woke up, she found herself staring into Cliff longer than she anticipated. She froze, turning away.

Nora was right. This was why she never found the right one.

It felt as if a colony of ants bit the insides of her heart.

The man she loved the most was no one other than Cliff.

"Cliff, you stayed with me the entire night?" she whispered.

"I've had a nap. Don't worry about it." Cliff placed a hand on her forehead. Realizing that her temperature finally dropped down, his shoulders sagged in relief.

"I'm fine, Cliff! Please go to bed!" His hand on her forehead made her entire system feel as if it was burning. Her lips twitched up.

Was Cliff like that with everyone else?

"Are you sure?" He furrowed his eyebrows.

"Trust me, okay?" Lena smiled sweetly.

She finally knew where her heart belonged now. It was with Cliff. It had always been with him.

'Will I finally move on from Sherlock then? Was he just a thing of the past?'

Lena guessed she'd figure that out, as she stared in the distance.

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