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   Chapter 507

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Mom? The word "mom" surprised many people, especially the three young men who helped Jane carry things. This woman looks like Jane's grandmother, doesn't she?

But they just came to help, and they shouldn't say too much. So they could only smile and continue to do their own actions.

With the cry of Chloe, the children in the welfare house rushed out in an instant. Under the hint of Jane, everyone helped to carry things.

The things were scattered and light, and the heavy ones were basically carried by the three drivers. This kind of thing had lasted for nearly ten minutes, and it was finally temporarily over.

Wiping the sweat off her forehead, Jane took out the money from her pocket and said, "Okay. Thank you, everyone. Two hundred for each of you. Thank you! I can pay extra for the car fee, okay? "

"Boss, you are so straightforward. I like it."

"Boss, please leave your phone number. Next time if you have such a thing, you can call us at any time!"

"Yes, boss. We will arrive as soon as we can!"

After playing with them, Jane finally perfunctorily explained why she had lost her phone. The men didn't mind and left quickly.

The door was slowly closed. When Jane walked into the welfare house, she found that the children had stood in a row in a proper way. No one opened the things Jane bought.

Suspicion was written all over Chloe's face. She pointed at the pile of black plastic bags on the ground and asked, "Jane, are you going out to buy something? But why did you buy so many things? "

At first, she thought Jane just bought some clothes and some furniture for herself to change, but when she saw the washing machine, Chloe began to realize that something was wrong.

Jane nodded, squatted down and opened the nearest bag to her, explaining, "Yes. These are some stationery and new clothes for the children. After all, the New Year is coming. They should wear some new clothes. It's so cold now. If you wash the clothes by hands, your hands will be frozen. "

All the children fixed their eyes on Jane, trying to figure out what would happen next.

Jane didn't disappoint those children. The moment she opened the bag, all the children screamed. Brand-new clothes had always been a luxury for them.

Jane grinned, and then took out a cotton dress and shouted, "Well, everyone line up now. Boys go to the principal's grandmother to get the men's clothes, and girls come to me to get the dress. You have to line up obediently, understand?"


"Got it!"

The children answered in a tacit understanding. Then they cheerfully clapped the line and stood in front of Jane and Chloe.

ories of those children.

In fact, it was not a dormitory. After all, it was just a small room. The floor was covered with a cold mat. Although there was some cotton on it, it was still difficult to resist the cold, wasn't it?

After leading Jane to the door, Chloe left. Jane smiled and asked, "Is anybody there?"

A stranger's voice suddenly came from the quiet place, which made people nervous. The little girl sat up straight in an instant and asked cautiously, "Who? Who are you? "

Jane smiled awkwardly and explained, "It's me. I'm Jane, a friend of that lady. Do you remember that she told you that she would take you to do an artificial limb? "

It seemed that the child's nervous state was slightly relieved when she mentioned Melissa. Jane tiptoed over and lifted the quilt off her.

It was in the morning, but she covered herself so tightly with the quilt. Wouldn't she be out of breath? However, when Jane put her hand in, she understood why the child would do so.

"Why are you crying?"

Jane asked considerately, with tenderness on her face. It seemed like she had no any malicious attempt.

The child wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes stubbornly, and then pretended to be strong. "It's none of your business. If you come, is that sister also here?"

She wouldn't admit that she cried because she missed Melissa. To her, Melissa was very special. She had always believed that her sister would come and take her away.

Jane smiled and reached out her hand to hold the girl in her arms, trying to warm her heart with her own temperature. "That sister is also sick like you, so she is still recuperating. She will come here when she recovers. So, she asked me to take care of you first. Do you want her to worry about you?"

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