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   Chapter 506 Shopping

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Seeing that Jane was almost mad, the people around her all ran away. Most of them treated her as a madwoman and no one was willing to pay attention to her.

The inconstancy of human relationships were unchanged no matter in the past or now. She couldn't feel any warmth, and the only two times she was lucky enough to get warmth was gradually away from her.

After calming herself down, Jane left here quickly. She stopped a taxi and then moved towards the wholesale market.

Now she didn't have any communication tools with her, so it was impossible for anyone to contact her in a short time.

Before Jane had time to sit down, she fastened her seat belt and asked, "Excuse me, please drive me one more time later. I'll pay for it, but how much can you hold in the trunk?"

The driver chuckled and skillfully controlled the steering wheel. He answered, "There are a lot of things th

she would have to buy a lot of things. If such a business could be done for a long time, he would have enough food and clothing.

Jane rolled down the window and smiled bitterly, "You are right. Those children are not mine, but in some ways, they are probably my children... Let's go. How long to get there? "

The driver said casually, "For half an hour", and then he started to speed up. As expected, the car stopped in less than half an hour.

The three taxis came at the same time, which alerted the nun and Chloe in the door in an instant. Chloe ran out quickly and then looked at the door nervously.

She didn't feel relieved until she saw the familiar figure. But why are there so many men around Jane?

As soon as Jane got off the car, she found that Chloe was hiding behind the door. She grinned, shook her hand and shouted to Chloe, "Mom. Call some kids over to help! "

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