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   Chapter 505

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Show his identity? It seemed that Aaron was really annoyed and going to fight back. His identity could be said to be the biggest trump card in Aaron's hand.

Mason, who had always been obedient to Aaron, didn't say yes as usual. Instead, he glanced suspiciously at the boy in Aaron's arms and asked tentatively, "Mr. Aaron, don't you regret it?"

Once this matter was made public, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble. Although it could be said that the ZERO would collapse in the shortest time, if it was not made public, the ZERO could also be destroyed. Why did Aaron choose this way?

However, Aaron's attitude was tough and terrible. He frowned and then said impatiently, "I don't want to repeat what I said. You'd better understand."

After seeing the attitude of Aaron, Mason immediately returned to his original state. He nodded quickly and then replied, "Okay, I see. Others should come later. Mr. Aaron, pay attention to yourself. If there is anything you need me to do, contact me at any time."

Aaron nodded and didn't turn around. He focused all his attention on the door of the operating room, and so did George.

About ten minutes later, the door of the operating room was pushed open again, and the father and son's hearts were hanging in the air. The two of them fixed their eyes on the person inside.

After being pushed out, there was no blood on Melissa's face. Her face was deathly pale. If Aaron hadn't seen her undulating chest because of her breath, he would have thought that Melissa had left him.

After the operation, they were obviously very tired, especially Alex, who seemed to have just come out of the jaws of death. But Aaron didn't say anything. He walked to Sean silently and asked him about the details.

With a bitter smile, Alex took off his mask and dragged himself to the duty room.

Now he just wanted to close his eyes and have a good sleep. The operation just now almost crushed his nerves. If Jane hadn't cried out at the critical moment, he would have fallen down with her.

By the way, where is Jane?

Thinking of this, Alex's steps stiffened. At a loss, he turned his head and tried to find the woman, but unfortunately, Jane had never appeared in front of Alex.

Jane had left a few minutes before they came out. It was impossible for her to stay in the hospital. With Aaron's appearance, Jane wouldn't make trouble here no matter how capable she was.

Sean's knitted brows finally smoothed down a little. After sighing slightly, Sean gesticulated and said, "The operation could be said to be risky and temporary safe, but Melissa better to be hospitalized for observation. Now the woun

go to bed first. I will wake you up later if I see Mommy wake up."

Aaron's heart ached, but he couldn't refuse. He nodded and lay on the other side of the bed, turning his back to his son. Then he took out his phone from his pocket and called someone else.

Before Melissa woke up, he would take care of everything! He didn't want to cause any unnecessary trouble.

At the same time, Jane came to the bank with her ID card and transferred all the assets of Bennett to her own bank card.

When Bennett got the news, Jane had taken out half of her cash. Although it was not a big amount, it was an unimaginable consumption for ordinary people.

The woman with signature on the counter smiled sweetly. Then she handed the bill to Jane and reminded her, "Hello, Miss Jane. This is your receipt. Please sign here."

Jane, who was absent-minded, didn't come to her senses until she heard this. She smiled awkwardly, and then reached out her hand to take it. After neatly filling in the name of Jane on it, she ran out in embarrassment.

Looking at the crowd, Jane burst into laughter all of a sudden, with tears falling down from the corners of her eyes. In the past, she was short of money. In order to have a meal, she could fight with the beggars on the street until her head was broken and blood was bleeding.

But in the past, she was happy and had enough life. Now, no matter how much money she had, she would not look for the kind of free and easy as before.

Raising her head, Jane stared at the dazzling sunlight and then said with self-mockery, "People are always like this. They won't know what treasure is until they lose it. When I had it, I thought it was dispensable, and I even wanted to abandon it. But when I really lost it, I felt I missed it... "

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