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   Chapter 504

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Jane's eyes were filled with tears. She could only see the ferocious and angry face of Alex, but she couldn't hear clearly what he was talking about.

Seeing the expression on Alex's face, Jane felt uneasy and wanted to do something to help. Jane knelt on the ground. Then she choked with sobs, "Aaron, please, can I talk to the earphone inside? Please, give me. I only need five minutes. No, one minute is enough... I still have a lot to say. How dare that Melissa not work hard? I want to quarrel with her... Please, give it to me. No matter what happens after this matter, I'm willing to be at your disposal. "

Aaron frowned. After taking a glance at Selina, Selina immediately walked up to her, took out a pair of headphones from another drawer and put them on for Jane.

If it weren't for this woman, there wouldn't have been so many difficult things in their hospital! That was one of the reasons why Selina treated Jane specially.

As soon as she put on the earphone, Jane said, "Can you hear me, Melissa! Melissa, Melissa! Answer me! "

Such a noise would be particularly noisy in the quiet operating room all of a sudden. Astonishment was written all over Sean's face. He looked up at the direction of Aaron, apparently asking what was going on.

They were having an operation. Why did Jane come here at this time! During the operation, they needed to be extremely quiet and calm. What if such an abrupt sound caused some mistakes!

On the operating table, Melissa's face was deathly pale. The dazzling light shone on her abdomen. The blood red enchanting abdomen and the gloomy bones in her chest made Jane's heart inexplicably cool.

Alex seemed to understand something and started to work hard at once. He continued to look at the injured part and the damaged lung.

However, Jane seemed to be unaware of anything. She continued to talk to Melissa, "Listen, Melissa, you said you wanted to know the reason, didn't you? Then what are you doing now? Wake up! Don't you want to know what you are in my heart? Is this how you ask me? "

As she spoke, her tears kept rolling down, and her voice was a little hoarse. It seemed that she didn't feel well about what happened before. Obviously, she didn't want to hurt Melissa out of instinct.

Jane choked with sobs. She knelt on the ground and said with tearful eyes, "I know you can hear me, right? Melissa, I didn't mean to hurt you. Do you understand? I... I have found my mother. Do you want to know? Wake up if you want to know, Me

She didn't even turn around to look at George and Melissa. George was irritated at once, but no one knew that Jane, who turned around, was now full of tears.

George didn't catch up. He just widened his eyes and watched Jane leave. Maybe she wouldn't have the chance to see him again if she turned around this time.

Staring at his son's movements, Aaron squatted down with curiosity. He gently stroked his head and asked, "What are you thinking about? If you want to blame her, why don't you catch up? "

He could clearly see the hatred in George's eyes. If it was possible, he would want to get justice for Melissa, wouldn't he?

After all, he had been with Jane for so many years. It was hard for anyone to accept that he was suddenly abandoned, let alone a child like him. Although he pretended to be strong, there was always a fragile part in his heart.

With a sneer, George pushed away Aaron's hand and pretended to be calm, "There's no need. Since she has abandoned Mommy, there's no need to retrieve her, and there's no need to waste my time."

Although these words were plain, he concealed a lot of disappointment and cold expectations.

Without saying anything, Aaron took George in his arms and turned to look at the operating room, waiting for Sean and others to come out.

At least it was enough for Melissa to be safe now. Things would be sorted out after Melissa recovers. Of course, there was still a very important thing to do at the moment...

Aaron frowned and glanced at Mason beside him. Then he said slowly, "Mason. I'll leave the matter of ZERO to you. You can also show your identity. It's meaningless to continue to cover it up."

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