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   Chapter 503

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The fact that Aaron was willing to listen to him explain the reason made Sean feel like a survivor of a disaster. He didn't dare to waste more time. He glanced at the bloodless face of Melissa, and then explained, "To be honest, I'm a little ashamed. I'm really not sure about this operation. Just now, Melissa was bleeding again. There was too much blood that I'm afraid it's caused by lung bleeding. Besides, she was bumpy when you came here just now. The situation is much worse than I expected. I promised you that I would send Melissa out safely at any cost... And Alex has done much more research than I do. Coincidentally, he is in my hospital now. If possible, I still hope that you can temporarily leave the hatred between you two behind and let him... "

After Aaron figured out what had happened, he nodded without hesitation. As long as Melissa was safe, he could do anything willingly. Of course, except give up on Melissa to others.

Aaron's concession made Sean feel happy for a moment. He had never had the chance to cooperate with Alex. It seemed that it was a coincidence today. In addition, after Alex knew the situation of Melissa, he had been thinking that join the work. This was really a good deal.

Not daring to delay any longer, Sean simply told Aaron something important, and then called Selina to accompany Aaron and Jane. He took the initiative to go to the asepsis room.

The operation was about to begin! Success or failure depended on this move!

Outside the door, George quietly watched this moment. In fact, he had woken up when Mason came. Although he also couldn't let go of Melissa, he knew that he couldn't help much even if he went in, so he chose to sit quietly outside the door and looked at Mason silently.

There was a rare tenderness in Mason's eyes, but he stood still in silence. The two of them were in a stalemate, and time passed...

The door of the operating room was filled with a heavy atmosphere, and the emergency operation was about to start. A few minutes ago, Alex had also walked in.

Jane took a look at the absent-minded Aaron, and then asked tentatively, "Aren't you going in?"

Aaron had shouted that he wanted to go in and accompany Melissa. But when he reached the door of the operating room, he suddenly stopped. What was he thinking about?

Even though Aaron was scary when he was angry, he was inexplicably terrible when he tightened his face without saying a word.

Instead of turning to look at Jane, Aaron stared at the door of the operating room with empty eyes and said coldly, "Jane, let me ask you, what kind of cooperation agreement do you have with Shirley?"

He knew what Jane was thinking about Alex. If Jane didn't behave herse

it's not mine after all..."

Alex's heart had always been on Melissa, which could not be changed no matter how hard she tried. Now that Alex could personally perform an operation for Melissa and contribute all his life's efforts to her, Alex must be satisfied, right?

"Melissa, hold on!"

Aaron's sudden roar scared not only Jane, but also several people who were having an operation. The earphones Selina gave him were similar to radio, so he could talk to the people inside. So his roar naturally spread inside.

Alex's heart beat faster in an instant. The speed at which Melissa lost blood was much faster than they thought, but the knife stabbed into her lungs. If he didn't stop the bleeding first, he was afraid that Melissa couldn't get through it.

The nurse next to Alex stretched out her hand and took a special towel to wipe the sweat on Alex's forehead, looking embarrassed.

The normal pulse pressure was 30~40mmHG, but now Melissa was getting farther and farther away from this value...

Alex was also a little annoyed. He glanced at Aaron in the isolation area and roared, "Aaron, don't scream. We will try our best to protect Melissa. I don't want anything happen to Melissa, whether it's for public or private reasons."

Jane was totally confused, because she couldn't hear Alex's voice and could only understand the sudden roar of Aaron just now.

In other words, the earphone could be used to talk to the other end of the phone? And what Aaron said should refer to the state of Melissa... Could it be that Melissa was...

Jane didn't dare to think about it at all. Somehow, she plucked up Aaron's earphone with her tied hands and tried to take it off.

Annoyed, Aaron stepped back and pushed away Jane's hand. He didn't have much time to play such meaningless games with Jane!

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