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   Chapter 502 Questioned Jane

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When Aaron calmed down, Sean took a tool to clean his wound and took the bullet out of his body.

This process seemed to be short, but in fact, it took a lot of effort. If he was not skilled, how could he finish it so easily?

He bandaged the wound for Aaron. At the same time, Sean was thinking about something. Should he discuss with Aaron about the matter that originated from Alex?

He had always thought that Alex was not a good person, but to be honest, if Alex hadn't reminded him just now, the rescue might not have been so skillful.

Alex seemed to have great attainments in this respect. If Alex could do it by himself, the effect might be better. But now the relationship between Alex and Aaron was so stiff. If he spoke it out rashly, it would cause some unnecessary trouble.

Sean's gaze was so passionate tha

p well at ease?

In such an urgent situation, what on earth could make Sean say that boldly? Aaron was tempted by this. After a while, Aaron finally agreed, "Okay, what do you want to say?"

On the other hand, Jane was stunned when she heard the name of Alex. By the way, she remembered that Gorman had called Sean and then contacted Alex.

In other words, Alex was still in this hospital? By the way... Alex was good at both surgeries and children's diagnosis. In order to help her and Melissa, Alex had spent a lot of time and energy on it.

Did Sean want to ask Alex for help? And Aaron was the biggest problem. In the final analysis, he was afraid that the two would get into a fight as soon as they met.

Jane had seen through Aaron's bad temper, so she could more or less understand what Sean was worried about.

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