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   Chapter 501 Bring Jane Back Now

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He didn't intend to take action. After all, it was Jane's private affair, and Aaron didn't tell him to take good care of Jane. What he did now was just to act according to his will.

Jane was a little angry. She struggled and roared, "Let go of me! You bastard! You are a heart-breaker, aren't you? How dare you laugh at me when you abandon Chloe?"

Jane looked down upon this kind of man most. The man who dared to do it but dared not to admit it. Although Jane didn't know what had happened between the two of them in the past, the one who had done more wrong must be Bennett!

A man like him was definitely a leftover among men. Whoever met him was doomed to be thoroughly unlucky.

Hearing Jane's insulting words, Bennett didn't get angry. He raised Jane's chin with his hand frivolously and said with a little contempt, "You have a tough mouth now. I'd like to see how long you can hol

Melissa okay for the time being?

As soon as Aaron breathed a sigh of relief, the piercing pain swept over in an instant. He had taken two shots in his arms and one shot a few centimeters below his collarbone. It was almost his limit to endure such a long time.

There was one reason why he wanted to ask Jane to come here. To untie a bell, the person who tied it was required. At first, Aaron thought Melissa was talking in a dream, but when he got close to Melissa, Aaron found that she was murmuring Jane's name.

It was no wonder. After all, they had been living together for so many years. Melissa knew what kind of person Jane was. The reason why Melissa left just now was that she was afraid that it would be irreparable in the end?

Aaron knew how important Jane was to Melissa. If it weren't for the fact that Melissa was so eager for Jane, Aaron wouldn't have spent so much time.

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