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   Chapter 500

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Seeing that Jane suddenly stood up, the principal was frightened in an instant. She also stood up with a rubbing sound, reached out her hand and grabbed Jane's arm tightly, unwilling to let her go no matter what.

Suspicions were written all over Jane's face. She turned sideways and asked in confusion, "What are you doing?"

Jane didn't shake off the principal's hand, which meant she didn't reject her. But she didn't seem to want to stay.

The principal lowered her head and didn't dare to speak. Just when Jane was about to lose her patience, she quickly said, "I know I have no right to ask you to forgive me. If I had been more capable, you might not have been taken away, let alone suffered so much. When you appeared in my sight that day, I almost recognized you at the first sight. My baby... How can I let you go? I know you are very angry now. But can you come back to see me occasionally? "

Her request was very simple. No, it could not be said to be a request, but an extravagant and longing. Such a look was irresistible, not to mention that Jane had never planned to leave here from the beginning.

At this moment, her situation was somewhat similar to that of the principal in the past. She was homeless and didn't know where to go. It was absolutely impossible for her to go back to the Aaron's home now. Regardless of Melissa, Aaron alone was already a problem.

She didn't have a house outside, so it was impossible for her to go back to the Qi Family and live with Bennett. So she wanted to come to the welfare house to help with something, and it was also a good choice to live with her mother who had been missing for many years to cultivate their relationship.

After experiencing some losses and sufferings, people would really understand that many things were precious. Now, there was no doubt that Jane was such a person.

Looking at the principal's tearful face, Jane had no choice but to compromise. Then she told him the purpose of her departure, "I'm not leaving. I'm just going to do something. Although I don't know if you have a room here, I hope you can make a room for me if it's convenient. I want to live here for a long time. I'll bring some daily necessities here later. Do you need anything? "

She couldn't come here empty handed, could she? It was obviously unreasonable and inconvenient to live conveniently.

Hearing Jane's explanation, the principal breathed a sigh of relief. She swallowed and asked tentatively again, "I see... Will you really come back? Are you sure? Of course there is a roo

on Bennett's face became weirder. When Jane calmed down and realized that she was in danger, it was too late.

Helpless, she had to pretend to be calm. She put her hands around her chest like Aaron and asked, "Do you really think that I came here alone? I will only give you the last chance. I will ask you for the last time. If that woman is really my mother, why is she so old... She can be my grandmother with her age. "

Although this sentence sounded a little funny, it was the biggest confusion of Jane. That woman didn't look like a mother at all. Instead, she looked like a grandmother.

As soon as Jane's question reached Bennett's ears, he burst into laughter, as if he had heard the funniest words in the world. "Women are made of water after all. How can they be young forever? What's more, she is an impudent nun. Wherever she goes, she won't have a good result. Otherwise, how could a person like you appear? "

The irony in Bennett's words was so obvious that Jane was irritated. She stretched out her hand and slapped Bennett in the face.

A crisp and loud slap fell on Bennett's face, making his ears buzzing, which was similar to the scene that Jane was slapped.

Exasperated, Bennett reached out and grabbed Jane's hair. Then he slapped her in the face and shouted, "You bastard! How dare you revolt against me? I have raised you for so many years anyway. You ungrateful bitch, since you have the courage to come here alone today, don't want to go out alive. Don't worry. I will torture you to death. "

The maid who was cleaning outside the door heard the sound and immediately hid far away, pretending not to hear anything, which made Mason who was not far away feel funny.

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