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   Chapter 471 Her Heart Was Hurt Again

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But now things had changed. Alex was no longer the one that Jane liked. In his heart, Jane couldn't see anything that belonged to her.

Alex's heart was filled with only her good sister, Melissa. She loved Melissa, also Alex. But if there was only one choice between the two, she would rather give up Alex.

She had been troubled by this matter for a long time, but when she really figured it out, Jane found that it was not as complicated as she thought.

Since Alex didn't love her, if she kept pestering him, she would be no different from Kristen and Gina. It was better to be friends. At least, that vague feeling still existed.

Alex was not used to Jane's indifferent gaze. For a moment, he panicked.

At a loss, he let go of his hand and forced a smile. "Jane, are you still blaming me? I'm really worried about you... I'm worried about you and Melissa. After all, you are not familiar with this place. "

His explanation was too hard for him to convince himself. Hearing this, Jane forced a smile and left.

If Alex came here to say these words, she could leave now that she had known it. She was afraid that she would fall into the poison named Alex again.

Seeing that Jane was about to leave, Alex hurried to catch up with her. He held Jane's wrist tightly and apologized sincerely, "Jane. Don't you want to see me now? "

If he had known that he would make Jane change so much after rejecting her, he would rather pretend to be ignorant than let things turn out like this.

Besides, he still needed Jane to tell him where Melissa was... He didn't know whether Melissa was fine or not. It was dangerous to live with a man like Aaron, wasn't it?

After a short pause, Jane put on the best smile she thought and said, "I didn't think so. Now you can see that. I'm fine, and so is Melissa. Aaron loves her very much. You don't have to worry about that. At least... I think Melissa is happier than ever."

At least, when she was with Aaron, Melissa showed a gentle look that Jane had never seen before. It was also the first time that Jane knew how hard it was for Melissa to get along with each other.

Although Aaron left a bad impression on her at the beginning, or even a little scary, it was fortunate that through some of Aaron's unintentional actions, he gradually let Jane see what kind of person he was.

In the end, Alex couldn't wait to ask the question he was thinking about. Regardless of whether it was a good time to ask this question or not, he cut to the chase, "What about Melissa? Where is she now? "

Jane had already

ne's yearning for a complete family grew stronger.

But the only thing she could do was to get close to Bennett, which made her a little depressed. She knew that she shouldn't have imagined too much about this kind of thing, and she shouldn't have easily forgiven that man, but her heart was very disappointing to admit defeat.

The door was pushed open easily. The atmosphere in the hall was a little dark, and there was even an imperceptible smell of blood around. Of course, Jane didn't notice that.

After searching for a while, Jane fixed her eyes on Bennett. "Are you satisfied with the result?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Bennett's body stiffened for a moment. Then he turned around with difficulty and smiled, "Jane? How dare you come back to Qi Family! If it weren't for you, how could Qi Family end up like this! Are you happy and satisfied now? "

Was she going to laugh at him now? He wondered whether Jane would be satisfied with this result. He must have satisfied Jane since he was so embarrassed?

Jane's fingertips were a little cold. She walked forward a little and then smiled, "Yes. I'm very happy. How can you be so selfish, Bennett? If you don't love that woman as much as you think, will you find that I'm not as bad as you think? "

She seemed to be smiling brightly, but why was her heart so painful?

Hearing that, Bennett shrugged and smiled. Then he said cruelly to Jane, "I know... I know everything, but so what? You won't be my daughter anymore. My daughter was abandoned not long after she was born, and you are just a substitute. "

A substitute?

Jane was stunned for a moment and took a step back subconsciously. Then she said fretfully, "What do you mean?"

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