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   Chapter 377

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It seemed that the two of them knew each other, and the plan was perfect. This impressed Melissa.

The woman untied her hat, and her fiery red hair instantly floated down.

After shaking slightly, Shirley smiled and said indifferently, "No, just go to my room. The base was too conspicuous, and it was not suitable for her to go there. It's been a long time, Melissa. "

She had a feeling for Melissa. In her subconsciousness, this woman had always been very special. She would not be afraid of her because of her power, nor because of her strength.

And when she heard that Melissa appeared, she quickly completed the task she was carrying out and then came over. She followed Aaron all the way until she arrived at the casino. It was not until then that she was sure that the woman was really Melissa.

She was more mature than she was three years ago, but she was much coward. If a person was trapped by too many things, he or she was destined to fail.

For example, she was bound by Howard's love at the beginning. She was restrained and almost lost her life in many tasks. After abandoning everything, her world began to become clear in an instant.

Hearing the familiar voice, Melissa widened her eyes again. She was very familiar with this voice, really familiar! For some time, she had also treated this voice as a lifesaver!

The tears in Melissa' eyes turned red in an instant. She sniffed hard and tried to hold back the tears that were about to fall. Then she smiled and said, "Shirley! It's you, right! I haven't seen you for years Did you save me? Thank you so much... "

Shirley didn't deny it. Since she had decided to show up, she was ready to be discovered. Of course, only a few people knew her identity.

If he didn't want to be discovered, then it would be enough to erase it directly. This had always been her style. She didn't believe in an impenetrable wall. She only believed that the dead would not speak.

Shirley also had mixed feelings, but she didn't express it.

She slowly reached out her hand and put it on the head of Melissa. She touched her head and nodded, "Long time no see, Melissa."

Yes, when Melissa left, Shirl

d James. They smuggled a batch of banned drugs, and ZERO has that list. If this matter is made public, not only Aaron will suffer, but also James will be involved. "

She didn't like Aaron very much. If it was just for the sake of the character, she could pretend to be nice to Aaron, but she knew in her heart that Aaron could only play on the surface. If he took it seriously, no one would feel good.

Of course, it didn't mean that Aaron was invincible. Everyone had their own scruples. Aaron tried his best to win Shirley over, and her power could not be underestimated.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have tried his best to get Shirley to take care of Melissa. Aaron's original intention had not changed.

The two of them had their own thoughts in mind. While plotting against each other, they each made their own camp step by step, fearing that they would be swallowed up by each other if they took a wrong step.

How could Melissa know the truth? What Shirley said just now was like a time bomb to her.

She shook her head stiffly and denied, "I... I don't know. Aaron didn't tell me! Can you take me there now? I won't be too close. I just want to have a look and explain something by the way... "

If the two of them fought against each other, both sides would be hurt. The consequences were really not worth it. If ZERO knew that she didn't do it just now, things might turn around!

While thinking, Melissa clenched her fists happily.

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