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   Chapter 372 I Don't Want To Leave

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Before ZERO could do anything, Aaron suddenly smiled with relief and then sat down on his own initiative. His face was full of relaxed expression, which made ZERO's heart tightened.

"Yes, you're right. I'm a man of my word. Now that you win, you can take Melissa away. Melissa, remember, you can't take anything related to me away. You can't take anything away, including my child and my servants. "

No one could understand what Aaron was talking about. But Melissa understood.

His child referred to George, and the servant was her brother! It was obvious that Aaron was going to eat Melissa to death!

Gnashing her teeth, Melissa began to panic.

ZERO didn't notice that there was something between Aaron and Melissa. Instead, he stretched out his hand excitedly and put it around Melissa's shoulder. ZERO smiled and said, "Melissa, let's go. Since Aaron has promised to let you go, you don't have any attachment, do you? Where do you want to go? Just tell me. I'll agree. "

The smile on Melissa's face was replaced by a different one. She pushed away ZERO's hand and said apologetically, "No... ZERO, I don't want to leave. "

If she left, the three most important people in her life would all leave her. Although Melissa didn't want to admit that Aaron was special to her, she knew it clearly in her heart.

The smile on ZERO's face froze in an instant. In astonishment, he walked to the front of Melissa, grabbed her shoulder, and then shook it. "Why... Why? Haven't you always wanted to leave? Why do you change your mind now? "

He had seen the smile on the face of Melissa just now, but why did she suddenly change her mind. There were so many people around her. If Aaron wanted to go back on his words, he would be entangled by the public opinion.

It was precisely because of this that he was so relieved and unscrupulous just now. But now, Melissa's sudden denial interrupted all his plans in an instant.

With a bitter smile, Melissa took a deep breath to calm herself down and said seriously, "I'm sorry. I don't want to leave all of a sudden. You can leave now. ZERO, let's have a party next time.

At the same time, the crowd gradually dispersed. When all the people around disappeared, Aaron stopped smiling and said with a straight face, "Melissa, you do helped him just now."

How could he not see through Melissa? He was the man of Melissa, so he knew what she was thinking. Moreover, the joy on her face just now was definitely not fake. She was really happy that she could leave!

Thinking of this, Melissa pretended to be calm and looked up at Aaron with a smile. "I don't know what you are talking about, but it seems that the matter here has come to an end. Aren't you going to leave? Or are you going to find some more people to play cards with you? "

As he spoke, Melissa took the initiative to put away the messy pack of cards.

Although she was smiling on the surface, her mind was in a mess. No one knew how sad she was. Hurting the people around her had always been the last thing she wanted.

Aaron said lazily. "It's okay. But we are not going back yet. It happens that tomorrow is the anniversary of my grandmother's death, and my grandfather will also come back. You can go to the mansion with me then. Because of you, my grandfather hasn't come back for three years. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my grandmother's death. Even if he doesn't want to see me, he will go back to my grandmother's tomb. "

It was not that easy to let it go. The price she had to pay was far higher than now!

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