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   Chapter 371 A Bet

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In fact, few people in the city dared to challenge Aaron in public. ZERO was bold. He not only challenged him in public, but also tried to take his female companion away. It didn't only take courage. He would lose his life if he was not careful enough.

Seeing that Aaron had agreed, ZERO became excited in an instant. He hurriedly turned to look at Melissa and said, "Okay. Melissa, you... "

But his excitement didn't last for a few seconds, and his smile froze on his face, because there was contempt and even a trace of hatred on Melissa's face!

With a sneer, Melissa took a few steps back and said, "What do you think of me? Am I a toy or an item? Do you want to stay and give it to whoever you want to leave? Is that so? "

She hated it the most when her fate was controlled by others. It was the same three years ago, and it was the same three years later. She should be in charge of her own life, not at the mercy of others!

When ZERO was about to explain, Aaron suddenly stood up and sneered with a cruel smile, "Yes. Yes, you are a toy, aren't you? You were the woman I bought from the beginning. Now it seems that it's not too much for me to sell you? As for the money, I believe that the drug trafficker can afford it. At least he won't let you wander on the street and suffer from cold. Do you think so. ZERO?"

He wanted to make Melissa have no mood to escape from him anymore. He was the only man in her heart and in her eyes. No matter what kind of method he used, he would not remember any consequences!


Upon hearing this, Melissa didn't know how to retort. After all, what he said was true. She was indeed just a woman bought by Aaron. She could be discarded at any time.

After taking a deep breath, ZERO walked up to Melissa and gave her a big hug. Then he explained, "Melissa, please trust me. I don't want to hurt you. As long as I win, you can leave Aaron and live the life you want. I remember you said that you wanted to live a free life. As long as I win, I could help you fulfill this dream. Trust me... "

He didn't lack anything, except for a look of trust and a happy smile from Melissa. As lon

ittle sideways. The moment he saw the card, his smile froze on the face.

How could it be possible? Red 3? In other words, the total number added up... Did he lose to ZERO? He didn't even have two cards in total.

How could it be possible? He was just kidding!

The corner of Aaron's mouth twitched slightly, and then he said with his red eyes, "I don't believe it. Melissa, are you kidding me? What did you do to stop me! Are you so eager to leave me? "

ZERO was afraid that Aaron might lose control of his emotions and hurt Melissa. ZERO quickly blocked his body between the two people, and then carefully protected Melissa. While retreating, he said, "Aaron, admit defeat for bet. With so many people watching just now, what tricks could Melissa play? Or is there anyone who has a special taste? "

Hearing what ZERO said, Aaron pulled a long face. But now, Melissa was still in a daze.

Could the freedom she had been longing for be realized now? Everything was so unreal that she couldn't react.

ZERO took the initiative to hold the hand of Melissa, and then stepped back vigilantly as she said tentatively, "In that case, I'll take Melissa away. Aaron, I hope you can keep your promise!"

It would be great if Aaron was willing to keep his promise and let them go. If he didn't want to cooperate to play tricks, he had a way to solve it.

Strength proved everything. The first thing to do was to attack first!

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