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   Chapter 368

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On the way, no matter what Melissa said, Aaron pretended that he didn't hear anything. His subordinate sat on the passenger seat and pretended not to see anything.

The driver was the one who was under the greatest pressure. He had tried several times to stop the car and let Melissa leave. If it weren't for the pressure that Aaron had exerted on him many times, Melissa would have run away.

Regardless of his image, Aaron put his feet directly on the thighs of Melissa, and then said with a roguish expression, "Don't think you can escape, Melissa. Even if I can't use my hands for the time being, I still have a lot of methods. It's just a matter of blink of an eye to make you float. "

Facing such Aaron, Melissa could only describe her feelings with tears.

She turned her head irritably. Since she knew there was no possibility to escape, she didn't want to struggle anymore. Instead of wasting her energy on it, she would rather think about what bad ideas Aaron would come up with later and be fully prepared.

They didn't know how long it took before the car was stopped. A man, who was standing in front of car, approached them and asked, "Excuse me, do you have a pass? The place in front is not a place you can come in and out freely."

Astonishment was written all over the driver's face. He turned his head and glanced at Aaron before stuttering, "What permit? I don't know. I just sent her here according to the customer's requirements, and then... "

It was already rare for him to come here today. This place was usually forbidden anyone to come in. How could he know what the rules were.

Just as the driver was about to turn the car around and leave, Aaron signaled the driver to roll down his window.

All of a sudden, Aaron poked his head out and teased, "Is this face a pass?"

As expected, when the man saw Aaron's face, he didn't dare to say anything for a moment. Then he quickly made way for them, his face full of timidity.

This place belonged to Aaron. He didn't have to be so ignorant to stop him.

Under the astonished gaze of the driv

nce. Not to mention that there were so many people watching outside, just to see Mond was enough to eat Melissa to death.

After all, they had slept on the same bed for so long, so Aaron could understand some of Melissa's habits and character. Even Aaron could guess what she was thinking at the moment.


When Melissa saw the woman in the room, her mouth was wide open. How chaotic it was!

And was it her illusion? Why did she feel that woman looked familiar? However, it would be too embarrassing if she came up to have a look.

Just as this thought crossed Melissa's mind, a man noticed her.

The man's face was full of suspicion. He looked at Melissa up and down, and then turned to look at the woman under his body. He muttered to himself, "Where did this woman come out? Why is she here? If take a closer look, this woman will look like her. "

Did she look like her?

As the saying went, in an instant, the body of Melissa froze in place. After a long time, she stood on tiptoe and looked at the direction of those men.

But before she could see clearly, Aaron's big hand covered her eyes directly and said unhappily, "Are you going to see something more? Huh? You can only look at me! "

This sentence was very domineering, but the meaning it expressed made Melissa want to cry but have no tears. At this moment, what Aaron said was still so flirtatious!

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