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   Chapter 357

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Didn't Aaron promise her that he would let go of George as long as she agreed to leave. But why did he do something to hurt George again!

Under the body of Melissa, K frowned. Then he looked in the direction of the gaze of Melissa, feeling a little flustered.

What's wrong with Aaron? He always did what he said in the past. Did he do something stupid because he was overwhelmed by anger?

Jane's body froze. She got furious when she heard the scream of Melissa.

She picked up a stone from the ground and threw it towards Aaron. Then she shouted angrily, "Aaron! I'll kill you! The child of Melissa is innocent. Didn't you say that you wouldn't care about it? Shameless! Have you seen this, journalists? Is this the good Mr. Aaron you talked about? Is it what a CEO should do to take his wife and children away? "

Jane's words were reasonable, and Aaron was discredited in an instant. And after someone took the lead, they received an appeal in an instant, especially the villagers' reaction was more intense.

Just now, many people had received a lot of favor from Melissa and Jane, especially the child, who kept running back and forth with a disposable paper cup to pour glucose for them to supplement nutrition. They all kept these things in mind.

They didn't have much social pressure, nor did they fear the pressure from anyone. The only reason they knew was that they would definitely pay back ten times, or even a hundred times, for the person who had helped them. But if they hurt their benefactor, they would be unforgivable!

"Smash them! Those who hurt our benefactor all deserve to die! "

"Yes! Damn it! Kill them! "

For a moment, an unintentional move of Aaron aroused the anger of the people around her. It was difficult to defeat four people with only two fists, not to mention the whole village.

In desperation, Aaron had no choice but to temporarily retreat, because many media had raised their cameras and were ready to report. He didn't want to leave too much evidence here.

There was no doubt that Aaron was a man who could recognize the situation. After casting a scornful glance at Alex, he turned around and walked back quickly towards the plane.

On the other hand, Jane's heart was beating fast. A few seconds ago, she had just promised to take good care of Geor

Aaron to get hurt!


"Why did you jump down?"

When Melissa was about to say something, she was interrupted ruthlessly by Aaron. His tone was not caring, but questioning, as if Melissa shouldn't have done that.

But the next second, Aaron's tone softened a lot. "What should I do if something happens to you? I've been looking for you for three years. Did I come to see you jump off the plane? "

He was just an ordinary man. He would be afraid, sad and worried about losing Melissa. Three years was not a long time. Every night, he couldn't fall asleep. How he wished he could hold Melissa again, smell the familiar and safe fragrance and fall asleep.

Unfortunately, he spent every night like a year. He had tried several times to bring women back, but every time it came to the crunch time, he would be tired of them, because Aaron couldn't find any trace of Melissa on them!

Even for a period of time, some people had been talking about Aaron in private. That was why they hadn't found a new woman for such a long time, not to mention that no woman had his child. There were many topics like this in Mu Family.

But for these things, Aaron didn't care at all, as if he was an outsider. There was only one person he cared about.

Upon hearing this, Melissa was stunned for a while, but she still couldn't say a word.


However, at this moment, Aaron had already sorted out his thoughts. Frowning, he looked at K who had just come down from the soft ladder and said, "K, take her up. I'll be right back! "

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