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   Chapter 347

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The atmosphere became subtle in an instant. Jane smiled awkwardly and continued writing.

"I didn't mean that. But my house is very shabby. I'm afraid you can't adapt to it, so... Of course, if you don't mind, we can go together. I can help you take care of the child." ...

After understanding what Jane meant, Melissa smiled contentedly. At the beginning, she was worried that Jane might give her a cold shoulder because of Alex. It seemed that she was overthinking.

After packing up, Jane held the baby in her arms and walked towards her house with Melissa. But her house was a little far away, so Jane told Alex in advance and didn't dare to take action until she got his permission.

If anything happened to Melissa, she would be the one to suffer. It was not easy for Alex to take her away. She didn't want to ruin it by herself.

The two of them had been together all the way. They didn't need too much words to understand what they wanted to say. Such a tacit understanding was not something that everyone could have.

About ten minutes later, Jane pointed to a shabby house not far away, indicating Melissa that this was her home.

When Jane was doing this, she was a little timid. Her eyes were fixed on the face of Melissa, fearing to see her disgusted expression.

Unexpectedly, Melissa was also very easy-going. She grinned and sped up, as if she didn't care about the appearance of the house at all.

Such a woman... Sure enough, she was different from other women. No wonder Alex treated her different.

*Three hours later*

Staring at the two people who just came out of Jane's house, Alex asked, "Have you packed up your things? Leave the child to my assistant. Jane, you will be responsible for supporting Melissa. "

The corner of Alex's assistant's mouth twitched a little. Then he walked up to Melissa and took her child in his arms. Although he was an assistant, his degree was higher than most of people. How could he become a nanny in such a short time?

Of course, he didn't dare to say it in front of Alex, or he would be taught a lesson.

"Yes, I'm ready." ...

"OK." ...

Melissa made an OK gesture with a satisfied smile on her face. It seemed that after the conversation just now, the re

really treat me well, I won't hide anything from you. In fact, I escaped from Aaron. If I go back, I will have no choice but to die." ...


Jane's heart skipped a beat when she saw the name. She couldn't believe that this innocent and kind-hearted woman would have anything to do with Aaron!

But she didn't seem to be from a rich family. She was just an ordinary woman. Why did it have anything to do with Aaron?

Noticing that Jane looked at her, Melissa could only smile bitterly. 'Yes, even she would felt that the distance between her and Aaron was too far, let alone others?'

But it was good that no one believed it. At least, she would be more peaceful in the rest of her life?

The meticulous Jane immediately realized that her action was not appropriate. She immediately held the hand of Melissa and repeatedly gesticulated, "I don't mean that. I just feel a little unbelievable. Please don't blame me. If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because of what I did just now, I apologize."

Tears were welling up in Melissa's eyes. Then she shook her head and held Jane in her arms.

If she was given another chance to choose, she would rather never know Aaron, even if she was poor all her life.

The two hugged each other, feeling each other's heartbeat, and their hearts were unprecedentedly calm.

With Melissa's heart sinking, she flew towards C city with a wound that could never be healed.

It was unknown whether a new city could have a new life or not.

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