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   Chapter 346

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But Aaron didn't understand why Scorpion was so interested in Melissa. This time, things seemed to be much more complicated than he thought.

After asking the answer he wanted, Aaron stood up in an instant, threw the glass bottle in his hand aside and said, "I won't get involved in this matter. What I want is only Melissa. If Scorpion really has Melissa in his hand, I have to hurry up... "

He knew a little about Scorpion's means. If he let Melissa stay there alone, she would not be able to withstand it. Although he wanted to torture Melissa to death, he must be the one to be tortured. No other man was allowed to touch Melissa!

Seeing that Aaron was about to leave, the people around became nervous at once. This was the first time, and there must be a second time. What should they do if Scorpion sent people here again?

While thinking, the man quickly said, "Mr. Aaron, are you leaving now? What about our boss? If Scorpion sends someone else here... "

Upon hearing this, Aaron stopped and turned to sneer, "That's your business. I'm not omnipotent. Besides, I have something more important to do... If you can't make a decision before Liam wakes up, you'd better ask Judith. After the conversation just now, I think she should be a wise woman. Maybe she can help you with something. "

Although the two of them wanted to cooperate, they had to run away when they were really in danger. And if he let Judith make the decision, he could also enjoy the greatest benefits. Aaron killed two birds with one stone this time!

"Okay, I see. Indeed, Judith almost lost her life in order to save Liam. "

"Yes. I heard that she came in a hurry just now and accidentally broke one of her hands, so she came here in plaster. "

"Yes. We would ask her when she came out. Thank you, Mr. Aaron! If it weren't for you, we would have all... "

All of a sudden, they began to whisper to each other. Fortunately, Aaron had expected that before everyone came to their senses, he had turned around and left.

However, what Aaron didn't know was that ZERO didn't have time either.

ZERO, who was in his room, frowned and then kept asking, "Do you really not have Melissa?"

Scorpion on the other end of the phone shrugged helplessly and replied, "What's the use of this woman? If I want to revenge on Aaron, I

t it was better.

Jane was stunned for a while and then nodded. "I see. I'll go to pack up my things later. I'll take care of Miss Melissa. Please don't worry."

She made a gesture, but her movement was still ridiculously fast. With a dull face, Melissa could only watch them talking in sign language.

After Alex left, Jane came up to her and wrote on the drawing board.

"Are you going to drink it now? Or you want to wait a minute?" ...

Her smile was a little forced, and it was hard for Melissa to tell her the truth. She could only nod awkwardly with a smile and then reached out her hand to take it.

Frowning, Melissa raised her head and drank it directly. Jane couldn't take her eyes off Melissa's charming smile.

She could feel that Alex treated this woman differently. She was not jealous of Melissa, but felt a little disappointed.

Jane didn't dare to sit down until she saw that Melissa had finished drinking. She took a deep breath. She still looked a little disappointed.

With a good comprehension ability, Melissa had only spent a few days with Jane and learned a lot about the use of sign language. "Are you going back later? I want to visit your home, okay?" ...

Her home?

Jane was stunned. Obviously, she didn't expect that Melissa would suddenly make such a request, and she didn't know how to answer it for a moment. And it seemed that Melissa also felt that her question was a little abrupt, so she waved her hand and denied what she had just said. She hoped that Jane would not take it to heart.

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