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   Chapter 345

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It seemed that someone had tampered with the food. If Liam hadn't been the first one to have a problem, no one would have known it at the moment.

In a sense, Liam had saved everyone by accident.

Judith was smart enough to help Liam back to the room. Although her arm was a little painful, it was barely done.

About half an hour later, the man who had been waiting outside carefully stroked in. If he hadn't drugged the food, he might have lived longer. However, he chose to take the risk.

The man's face was full of nervousness when he came in. He had put a lot of drug in it. Considering that many people would drink beer today, the smell was easily covered up, so he dared to act so recklessly.

After entering carefully, the man looked around and said vigilantly, "Liam? Liam? Are you still here? "

But it was quiet inside. Even Aaron was bending over the table. It was obvious that he had eaten something just now.

After thinking for a while, the man laughed wildly. "Even if it was Aaron, I still have got him down. You used to be so arrogant. You didn't expect you would fell into my hands one day! "

The corners of Aaron's mouth lifted, but he didn't show it on his face. It seems that people really doesn't like him wherever he goes. Of course... Except for the media.

The man frowned. While turning his head, he said strangely, "It's strange. Where is Liam? Didn't he just sit here? Why is he missing? Has he been found? "

While speaking, he walked towards Liam's room. Did he go back in a daze? Because the door was covered.

After confirming that Liam had fallen into the trap, the man took out his phone and began to contact Scorpion. But it was also because of his carelessness and vanity that he gave everyone a chance to discover.

After the man dialed the number of Scorpion complacently, he began to ask for credit in a hurry. "Scorpion, I have done it. Now that Liam and Aaron are both in a coma, what should I do next? Right... Well, don't praise me. I should do all these things. Yes, following you, Scorpion, I'm much more efficient. "

Hearing what he said, Scorpion's face flashed an ex

o interfere too much in this matter. He would talk about it when Liam woke up. What he wanted to know was another thing.

Aaron squatted down and lifted the man's chin with the bottle. Then he asked, "Let me ask you. Is Melissa in Scorpion's hand? "

The man was stunned. After thinking for a while, he shook his head and denied, "What do you mean? What Melissa? I don't know."

Aaron smashed the bottle directly onto his head. His strength was so great that he smashed the originally strong bottle. The man's wail was sharp and harsh.

However, the minions beside didn't show any timidity at all. They had seen such a scene for many times, and they were basically numb.

Aaron put the sharp glass fragments directly on the man's neck and thrust it into his neck with a little force to make him feel pain, and then he asked, "I don't have much patience. I'll give you the last chance. Did Scorpion have Melissa? "

After tasting the bitterness, the man was much more obedient. He nodded earnestly and then nodded quickly. "Yes, yes... I just heard of this name. At that time, my boss called someone and told me to inform him as soon as possible if I have information about Melissa when I was on a mission. But I didn't know why he cared about Melissa so much. Really, that's all I know! "

Upon hearing this, Aaron's heart skipped a beat. It seemed that Liam was right. There might be news about Melissa from Scorpion!

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