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   Chapter 324

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Feeling a little annoyed, Melissa turned her head and snorted. Then she lay back on the bed and began to think about something.

Judging from what had happened just now, it seemed that Aaron had mobilized his strength to look for her again. She had encountered such a thing before. When Kristen pushed her down and came back, she had heard others say that Aaron was looking for her.

'But Aaron, why are you trying so hard to find me at this moment? Are you going to take me back and let me reflect on myself and torture me?

Silence in the room and silence outside made Alex a little depressed.

The assistant frowned and then continued persuaded him, "Since it's so troublesome, why did you bring this woman back at the beginning? You should know the consequence, right? "

If Alex took the initiative to hand over Melissa now, things might not get too bad. Although the two of them had been sent away for the time being, it did not mean that they would settle down.

Aaron had spies everywhere. If it weren't for the special place, how could Melissa stay here and take care of herself as she was now.

Rubbing his aching temples, Alex said firmly, "I have my own decision on this matter. You don't have to meddle in it. We have planned to treat patients here for a week, now I want it to be over in three days. Ask them to come here as soon as possible if there is anyone else who needs treatment. I always feel a little uneasy. "

He didn't care whether Melissa had given it to Aaron or not. If he sent her back, it meant that he had something to do with Melissa. Aaron wouldn't let he go as his character.

It was better for him to take a gamble. Anyway, they would have to go against Aaron in the end. It was better to see how lucky they were.

"I see. I'll inform them now and book the air ticket for three days..."

However, before the assistant could finish his words, he was interrupted by Alex, "No, I'll take a private plane. It seems that Melissa's ID card is missing. When she returns to C City, I need to apply for a new identity for her. She can't continue to stay with this identity as Melissa. "

Now that Aaron was so strict with those flights, the pressure exerted by Sean

in the city are, but my son has lived in the city. At a glance, he said that it would cost at least a thousand dollars. Doctor Alex, you are our rebirth parents! "

They couldn't give Alex anything, but he didn't care at all. He even took the initiative to treat them and bought them a hearing aid. Such a person was rare in the world.

Even if someone once said that Alex was just pretending to be nice, but Alex had persisted for five years. Only those who had been helped by him would understand the hardship, wouldn't they?

While they were talking, they arrived at Jane's house. It was desolate around. It seemed that it was not easy for her to live here alone. Considering the special situation of Jane, Alex made a gesture to the people around him to stop and then walked forward.

Jane was deaf and dumb, but she wasn't born deaf and dumb. When her life was in danger, she was saved by Alex. In order to survive and avoid some harm, Alex placed her here.

After they walked in, Alex found Jane soon.


He greeted the woman with a gesture. Jane, who was busy with the housework, clinked the bowl in her hand and broke it into pieces when she saw Alex.

Then, her eyes became moist. Without saying anything, she rushed up and wrapped her arms around Alex's neck.

The people around just watched all this silently without any response. However, it was the first time that someone dared to do such an outrageous thing to Alex in the countryside.

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