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   Chapter 322

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As soon as Aaron stepped out of the elevator, he suddenly turned around and smiled. "Well, don't worry. You should pay more attention to yourself. Don't lose your mind because of anger. If you are in danger, remember, put your life first. Don't forget that I have taken your lives back. If loss your life without my permission.... Then... "

He didn't finish his words. He didn't know since when he didn't like to treat these people in a commanding tone. At the beginning, he just treated them as chess pieces, but to them, Aaron was like a rebirth parents. Everyone did everything for him. As long as Aaron was alive, they would do the task regardless of the consequences.

He was a little annoyed with such a life.

After avoiding being noticed by everyone, Aaron walked to the street to stop the taxi. After telling the driver the address, he rolled down the window.

The driver didn't pay much attention to the person behind him. He immediately started his car and drove towards the destination.

However, at this moment, Aaron's mood was unusually gloomy. He tilted his head a little and murmured to himself, "Melissa... Where the hell are you? You don't want to explain it to me, so you choose to escape, right. Are you hating me for killing your baby? "

But no one answered him. The car was quiet, except for the occasional sound of car engine.

Jay was undoubtedly the most qualified person to go back to Liam's old house. Because before he was picked up by Aaron, he had been living in the shadow of Liam.

His parents used to work for Liam. He used to live here, so he knew the location and distribution of the base very well. When Aaron wanted to hire him, others had reminded him that if Jay was a traitor, Liam would take advantage of it. Aaron's answer was beyond everyone's expectation.

"There was no need to doubt the person if you want to use him."

The simple sentence made Jay go through life and death for Aaron.

Jay clenched his fingers a little and then took up his motorcycle. Gritting his teeth, he said, "Liam... If possible, how I wish I was the one who sent you to prison. "

It was Liam who killed his parents. He had been holding back his anger. Every time anyone mentio

wouldn't they?

And this woman seemed to be more interesting than he thought. And Aaron attached great importance to her. Besides, no matter whether Aaron wanted to take revenge on Melissa or torture her, just the power was enough to make people tremble with fear.

"You are really an incomprehensible woman, Melissa..."

After saying that, the secretary of Alex closed the door and walked out quickly.

A woman who couldn't figure it out? Upon hearing this, a wry smile appeared on Melissa's face. If she was an incomprehensible person, then what about Aaron?

With a bitter smile, Melissa lay down again. According to what they had said, if she still wanted to see Aaron, it was the only chance. She really wanted to step over, but her reason tightly bound the steps of Melissa.

If the man had heard the news and came to find her, she would be exposed. Although she didn't know what Alex was planning, at least he cared about her all the way.

Thinking of this, Melissa came to her senses. She quickly sat up and hid the medicine bowl under the bed. Then she picked up the child and directly hid under the bed.

Since they were in the countryside, there were a lot of spider webs below. But Melissa didn't care about it at all. She pulled the baby into her arms a little and blocked it with her own body.

If she was just suspicious, she would at most pretend not to do it. But if things went beyond her expectations, there would be a slight chance of escape.

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