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   Chapter 321

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Maid Wang panicked. Then she wiped off her tears and explained, "Okay, okay, as long as you are fine. I thought it was Shirley coming back. I didn't mean that you are not welcomed. Come on in. Why do you suddenly want to come back to see us? "

She had thought that Shirley would come back. Her unreasonable words just now made her feel uneasy. She finally had hope, but it turned out that it was still Howard.

However, Howard's accident made Maid Wang nervous.

Normally, if Howard came back, she would naturally welcome him. But just after Shirley suddenly said something unreasonable, Howard immediately appeared. Was there any connection between the two?

As a matter of fact, when Howard heard what she said that she thought it was Shirley coming back, Howard immediately thought that what Aaron said was true!

His heart skipped a beat. Howard grabbed Maid Wang and asked anxiously, "You mean Shirley has left? When did it happen? Why didn't she tell me? Did she mention where she went? "

Maid Wang blinked and blinked. She stuttered, "I... Specifically, I don't know. She only said that she wouldn't come back to this house in a short time, and then gave us a large sum of money to ask us to leave... "

What happened? It was the first time that she had seen Howard in such a panic.

Howard's thin lips tightened, and then he turned his head quickly and shouted, "Okay, I know. You guys go ahead with your work. If she contacts you, remember to inform me as soon as possible. My phone is still the same. Do you hear me, Maid Wang? "

After confirming that Maid Wang had understood his words, Howard rushed to the airport where Aaron had been. If that person was really Shirley, he might have seen some clues.

Annoyed, Howard took out his phone and tried to call Shirley, but all his efforts were in vain. How could she turn on her phone on the plane?

Frowning, Howard reluctantly underrated, "Damn it. It seems that I'd better contact Mr. Aaron first. I don't think this matter can be solved in three hours. "

Because of such a small matter, he would never bother Aaron in usual times. But things were different now. The two men's hearts were hung together because of the disappearance of Melissa and Shirl

face. "I understand, Mr. Aaron. I will stay in the company. If you need anything, I will do it."

As expected, he was one of Aaron's confidants. They could almost guess one or two things about Aaron's thoughts.

At first, Aaron did plan to stay in the company, but after all, there were some things that he needed to rely on power, and Aaron could handle everyone's weakness. In order not to cause unnecessary trouble, it would be better for Aaron to go out by himself.

Aaron grabbed his hat and lowered his voice, "I've told you everything. Then let's get started. Two hours later, if you have finished your work, come back. If you have not finished your work, you will also come back. If you have any question, contact K at any time. "

"Yes, Mr. Aaron!"

In the blink of an eye, there was only K left in the office, and for this matter, K did not show much. He sat down calmly.

Now he was imitating Aaron, so he had to pay attention to his words and behaviors. Even if there was no one now.

In the elevator, the atmosphere was a little depressing. The four of them took the private elevator of Aaron, so they didn't have to worry that they would meet someone on the way.

Aaron lowered his hat and went out. However, Jay was somewhat absent-minded. He reached out his hand and clasped Aaron. After a long silence, he said slowly, "There is nothing unusual. Mr. Aaron, be careful!"

The longer he left the office, the more uneasy Aaron felt. Did he really think too much?

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