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   Chapter 320

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After hearing Lily's words, ZERO directly turned his attention to Lily. He lifted Lily up and threw her to the ground. "What did you say? I'm the one to blame? "

Judith was shocked by what she saw. When she tried to get close to ZERO, she was kicked aside.

He could be an honest man in usual, but if someone irritated him, revealing his nature would be another thing.

"You... What are you up to? I work for Aaron. If you do something to me, I will... Ah... "

Unfortunately, she could only say half of what she wanted to say. The pain from her wrist made Lily sweat wildly. But because of this, she had no chance to continue.

There was a fire burning in ZERO's stomach, as if he was feeling aggrieved for the grievance of Melissa, or ridiculous for these ignorant people.

He stretched out his hand and pulled Lily's wrist to the right again. Then he asked, "The baby in Melissa's belly is not mine. If it is mine, how can I let her continue to suffer by the side of Aaron? Did Aaron hide her? Didn't she have many bodyguards around her? Even Shirley was there. How could anything happen to her? "

Lily bit her teeth and shook her head desperately, trying to get rid of ZERO's hand. But his strength was so frightening that even if she used all her strength, it would be useless.

Realizing the great difference in strength, Lily had to tell the truth, "No... I don't know. Ah... I just received a temporary task. This task should have been done by my sister, but I want to see how Melissa doing now, that's why I'm here... Hurt. You hurt me. It's breaking! "

She just wanted to see the embarrassed look on Melissa's face. If she knew where Melissa was, she wouldn't have to think so much. If she had time, she might as well go to a beauty salon.

After ZERO loosened his grip a little, he continued to threaten, "I know you don't dare to lie. Do you know who kidnapped her? Aaron must have some clues, right? "

In fact, he had known it since they had followed him from the beginning. But if he had taken action rashly on the street at that time, there might have been Aaron' men who was watching him.

Besides, he was not fit to have an accident in such an open oc

wn her face, "Don't worry. I will explain it clearly to Mr. Aaron later. If it weren't for me, we wouldn't have been found out. It's all my fault. I'm sorry, sister. "

Judith was stunned. Then she held the phone and comforted Lily in a low voice, "It's okay. If I had the ability to protect you, such a thing wouldn't have happened. At least you're right. It's more likely that Kristen has such a motive than no news. I'll explain it to Mr. Aaron later. Sister, you can have a rest first. Your wrist may be broken, and you can't work too hard in a short time. "

If Aaron had to be punished, she would be punished alone!

At the same time, Howard also felt that there were too many memories in Shirley's house. When he stepped into it again, he found that he hadn't come back for a long time.

Fortunately, he could still feel that someone was moving inside. At that moment, he finally felt relieved. The woman that he usually thought was dispensable now gave him an illusion of fear of losing.

Walking forward, Howard knocked on the door directly. As expected, someone ran out to welcome him soon.

Maid Wang's face was full of joy, but she immediately restrained it when she saw Howard, and then felt a little disappointed.

Howard was a little stunned by her expression. After a while, he forced a smile and said, "Maid Wang, long time no see."

In the past, he had been taken good care of by this woman, and he could even handle many chores.

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