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   Chapter 319

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If so, did she leave in a fit of anger after arguing with him about the matter of Kristen?

Howard hesitated as his Adam's apple bobbed slightly. Of course, Aaron didn't miss such an expression.

Although he was annoyed, Aaron didn't intend to vent his anger on Howard. He knew a little about love. It was complicated.

Perhaps only Howard didn't know how Shirley felt about Howard... Lookers on see more clearly, while lookers on see more confused.

Rubbing his aching eyebrows, Aaron waved his hand and said, "If you have something to do, you can go ahead with your work. I've told you before that if you still want to work for me, you'd better cut off your personal feelings. Kristen... You'd better cut off contact with her. I've seen a lot of things, but I don't want to tell you. You have to be conscious. "

Howard bowed apologetically and explained, "Okay. I will handle it as soon as possible. Anyway, she is my sister in name. I don't want anything happens to her. Mr. Aaron, please give me three hours. I will get it done. "

Aaron nodded and agreed without hesitation.

With permission, Howard got out of the airport and rushed into the crowd. And Aaron's work was temporarily over.

The manager of the cabin came up with a sweet smile, but she was uneasy in her heart.

She swallowed and said timidly, "I'm really sorry. We don't have a Miss Melissa who matches you here. Maybe Miss Melissa didn't take our flight. Mr. Aaron, would you like to go to another airline to have a look? "

Aaron turned around and fixed his eyes on Sean. "Where is Gina? Ask her to contact that man right away. Otherwise, I will vent my anger on Liam. Didn't he care about Liam? I'd like to see how bold he is. "

Sean frowned and remained unmoved.

It was the first time that he had seen such a willful Aaron. It was just a woman. How could he care so much about her?

Seeing that Sean didn't move, Aaron asked in confusion, "Sean?"

After letting out a sigh, Sean patted gently on Aaron's shoulder and explained, "Aaron. That's enough. She's just a woman. There's no need for you to waste so much time. Since she i

anything. Now that they were exposed, but they treated him as a sinner?

He walked quickly forward. In the state of panic of Judith, ZERO held her chin and said maliciously, "What do I want? I'd like to ask Aaron about it. He lost her by himself. Did he still going to come to me and ask for trouble? "

If he had told Melissa his feelings earlier, would things not have ended like this? Damn it.

Although he pretended to be indifferent, in fact, he secretly activated all his remaining power to pull out Melissa.

However, the fact was disappointing. He had asked people to keep a record of the cruise ship, the plane, and even the train and bus, but they didn't match Melissa completely.

She was still a mother who had just given birth to a baby. How could she bear the torture of being taken away by others.

Lily's heart skipped a beat when she saw this. Then she plucked up courage and slapped off ZERO's hand. She shouted, "What are you doing? Let go! Let go of my sister. Let me tell you. Don't think that we don't know it. It's widely spread in the hospital now. One of my sisters is working in the hospital. Aren't you the one to blame? If it weren't for you, how could we have met such a trouble? Melissa is a tramp! Do you think no one knows about it if you don't tell them? Don't make me laugh! "

Although she was also afraid, her eagerness to protect her sister temporarily suppressed her fear.

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