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   Chapter 318

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Aunt Seven laughed brightly and then said loudly, "Well, since you are busy, I don't want to disturb you anymore. But if you are free, remember to come to me. Recently there is a new set meal, and I feel it is quite affordable. Let's cook it together some day. By the way... Pay more attention to Aaron and Sean. They might have suspected us. "

Speaking of the last part, she had almost covered her voice, and only the two of them could hear this conversation.

Gina's smile froze for a moment, and then continued to smile brightly, "Okay. Okay, okay. I'll be free tomorrow. I'll inform you later. Okay, I'll hang up. "

After the conversation, Gina leaned her head against the window and hummed a tune, but she was extremely flustered.

Everyone in the world could be betrayed to her, but only this Aunt Seven would not. As for why she treated her so well, Gina didn't know. She just thought that this woman was easy to use, so she didn't think too much.

Gina's groan was nothing but a noise to Aaron.

Dissatisfied, Aaron turned around and said, "If you are busy, you can leave now. If there is anything, I will contact you again."

Gina thought it was bad, and then quickly explained, "But aren't you going to look for Melissa? Maybe I can help you. After all, I met her at that time. I know a little about her thoughts. It's easy to communicate between women. I can help you persuade her to come back. "

She was too flustered to remember the current situation. If it weren't for the sudden voice of Aaron, she would have been carried away.

Just as Aaron was about to refuse, Sean suddenly slowed down the car and said, "Here we are, Aaron. Get out of the car."

Without hesitation, Aaron pulled the handle of the car open and rushed out.

Unfortunately, he seldom went to the reception desk, so he didn't know where the broadcast room was.

He stretched out his hand to block one of the security guards and asked, "Where is the broadcast room? I need your help. I'm Aaron. I have contacted the media just now. The news is the same as what they have reported. "

The security guard was surprised. He nodded and warmly greeted Aaron, "Oh, Mr. Aaron. The room is on the left. If yo

aw his men being so reckless, his hair stood up all of a sudden and then he scolded, "Don't you see that we are busy here! What are you doing here? Don't you see Mr. Aaron is here? "

Glancing at the door, Aaron waved at Howard and said, "It's okay. He is with me. Thank you for your hard work. If my men can't even defeat the security guards in your airport, how can he bear his responsibility? Howard, come here. Look, this name is Shirley. "

If he hadn't seen it by accident, he wouldn't have noticed it. Coincidentally, Shirley didn't answer the phone. It was too strange to say it was a coincidence.


Puzzled, Howard repeated it and leaned his head against his. As expected, the name Aaron encircled by the black pen were Shirley's name.

But why did her name appear here? Wasn't this the passenger information of the plane?

Seeing that Howard was also stunned, Aaron began to speak out her guess, "I suspect that this is Shirley. I planned to ask her for help, but I didn't expect that I couldn't get through to her. Do you have any news? "

There was no news. But he just saw Shirley before. How could she disappear?

Howard forced a smile and explained, "It shouldn't be her. Maybe she has something urgent to deal with. I just met her before I came here. Even if she wants to leave, she won't leave so soon..."

But the more he said, the less confident he became. Indeed, if it was Shirley, she would leave at will. She never dawdled.

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