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   Chapter 315 Can You Help Me Leave Here

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The maids and security guards outside the door were standing together. Obviously, they didn't understand what Shirley wanted to do. They called out all of them and asked them to wait for the news.

When she was ready, there were only three sets of clothes and some toiletries. It could be said that they were extremely simple. It was difficult to guess that she was going to leave for a long time.

She pushed the door open and walked to the hall. As expected, there were more than a dozen security guards and maids waiting there. The house was too big, and Shirley often went out on a mission, so she didn't stay at home most of the time. She relied on this group of people to take care of it.

Of course, this didn't mean that Shirley would be grateful. It was natural for her to spend money and others to do things.

Walking downstairs slowly, Shirley said, "I didn't mean anything else by asking you out today, but you can take the money I should pay and then leave. I won't be back in a short time. You can find another job yourself. "

A middle-aged woman who was closest to the stairway heard her words and her body stiffened in an instant. She turned her head in confusion and then asked, "Miss Shirley? You have left for many times. Why did you fire us this time... "

Looking at the expectant eyes of those people, Shirley turned her head away irritably. Then she said impatiently, "it's all of a sudden. You'll be popular wherever you go. Well, make a list of the things later. If you don't have a place to live, you can use anything here, but I won't pay you the money. "

She didn't plan to leave so early, but when she saw these people, Shirley planned to leave immediately. It was not her style to delay.

"You can withdraw the money from this card later. Maid Wang, go ahead. If you have the rest money, you can divide them equally. Anyway, these money is dispensable to me. If anyone asks me where I have been, tell them that you don't know, or I will... "

Maid Wang was the woman who was the nearest to the stairway.

She raised her hand to touch the tears in the corner of her eyes, and then walked up to Shirley and gave her a big hug. "Don't worry, Miss Shirley. I knows your st

of suspicion, the man tentatively said, "You... Can't you speak? "

After knowing what he meant, Melissa nodded quickly. Fearing that the man didn't believe him, Melissa immediately reached out her hand to his pocket, trying to find her ID card and residence booklet to prove her identity.

But the next second, Melissa froze, because there was nothing in her pocket! There was nothing.

How could this be! When she got in the car just now, she touched her pocket. There was something inside.

Did she fall on the carriage? When Melissa was thinking, she felt a headache. Then she grabbed the man's hand and began to paint.

Not far away, Alex burst into laughter. It was really surprising that the woman that Aaron liked was dumb.

However, what charm did this woman have that made Aaron so obsessed with her? While thinking, Alex walked up to the assistant and nodded to him.

Alex walked up to her and handed over his phone. "Can't you speak? Do you need this?"

Although Melissa didn't know who the man was, she couldn't care less. Now they were her only hope. It would be great if they could take her away.

"My ID card has been stolen. I want to leave here. Can you help me?" ...

After that, Melissa handed the phone to Alex eagerly, full of expectation on her face.

She couldn't go back, and she didn't allow herself to regret. All these were her own choices!

Raising his eyebrows, Alex leaned forward and asked, "Why should I believe you?"

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