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   Chapter 312

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How many people could still stick to their own duties in such a situation?

No one.

After watching the surveillance video, Sean's face was full of disbelief. He turned his head stiffly and asked, "Do you mean that this matter has something to do with my sister?"

Although Gina didn't like Melissa, she wouldn't do such a stupid thing in front of him? There were surveillance cameras here, and Gina knew clearly where she was. How could she make such a mistake?

How should he explain this to Aaron? It turned out that it was his own fault.

Subconsciously swallowing, Sean's face darkened.

With a frown, Aaron began to sort out his thoughts. "Yes. This must have something to do with Gina, and there are three questions that I care most about. When they walked out, there was a man beside them. Who was this man? And if they left... Why did they take away other people's children? And where are their destination? Where is your sister now? Call her! "

Indeed, the most important thing now was to start with Gina. Since she came into the room and pushed Melissa away, it was very likely that Melissa was still with Gina!

While thinking, Sean didn't dare to hesitate. He immediately took out his phone and called Gina.

The phone was quickly connected. Gina had expected this.

Gina, who was in the SPA, signaled the people around her to take the phone for her. Leaning against her ear, she responded, "Hello? Brother, why are you calling me at this time? "

As soon as the phone was connected, Sean couldn't help asking in his heart, "Gina, let me ask you, where are you now, what are you doing, and who are you with?"

Gina smiled coquettishly, and then pretended to be spoiled, "Brother, what's wrong with you? You asked me so many questions at a time. How can I answer you? I'm doing manicure with my friends, the one often come to our home. You should know that you picked her up last time. What's wrong? "

She told the man the news, as if she wanted to give him a hint.

How could Gina still be in the mood for a SPA?

Sean's anger rose in an instant. If it weren't for the fact that Aaron was still present, he would have exploded.

After tightening h

nd that as his wife, I want to show her best at any time."

Gina was surprisingly gentle today, which made the shop assistant a little uneasy. She nodded quickly and put away her stuff quickly. Then she began to trim Gina's bangs.

On the other hand, Aaron started to come here in Sean's car. Along the way, he didn't idle away. In addition to contacting around, Aaron also called the hospital where Mond was.

After the call was connected, Aaron told him his purpose directly, and the customer service at the other end of the phone was very cooperative to check. "Mr. Aaron, it's our honor to receive your call, but I'm sorry, I've checked just now, and there is no record of Miss Melissa's visit here."

Was she didn't came, or didn't came yet? Mond must have played a very important role in Melissa's heart. Otherwise, how could she have made such a cruel decision to herself at that time?

Clenching his fists, Aaron turned his head and pretended to be calm. "I know. If you see her later, please inform me immediately."

He was extremely nervous, but he still wanted to pretend to be calm. Aaron's calmness had deceived others, but Sean had seen it all.

As a friend of Aaron, how could he not understand what Aaron was thinking at the moment?

It was too sudden for Melissa to leave, and Aaron didn't react yet, let alone let him accept it. The most important thing was that according to Gina, she actually took the initiative to ask to leave.

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