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   Chapter 311

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Every word she said was ruthless, and even pointed at Kristen, This made Howard feel headache.

After all, Shirley was his sister. He didn't want to argue with her. Shirley was so strange these days! Her temperament had always been capricious.

After sighing helplessly, Howard said, "Forget it. You can do whatever you want. I won't be against you if you are willing to leave here. But if you continue to badger Shirley, I won't be polite."

According to what Shirley said, there seemed to be something wrong with Aaron. If he didn't hurry up, it would be bad.

Shirley didn't listen to his words at all. She stretched out her hand to the person closest to her and began to vent her anger. She didn't want to hurt Howard, so the bodyguards around her who tried to stop her directly became her punching bag.

The screams came one after another, but Shirley seemed to hear nothing. She sped up and broke out of the outer ring.

After all, she was a professional. In the blink of an eye, Shirley had sorted out a way out. Without looking back, she left directly.

She was so fast that she didn't give Howard any chance to ask her to stay. When Howard came to his senses, Shirley had already disappeared.

Looking at the empty surroundings, Howard smiled bitterly and then muttered to himself, "Now you don't even want to talk?"

At this moment, everyone was having a hard time, including Sean. He was so anxious in the hospital, because not only did the "baby" of Melissa die in an accident, but also a child was missing in the hospital.

Tears coursed down the woman's cheeks. She wiped her nasal mucus with her hand and said, "Doctor, doctor, please help me. That child has just been born. Why is she missing?"

Surrounded by so many people, Sean felt embarrassed. It was the first time that such a thing happened in their hospital. If this thing was not settled, it would spread like twenty to a hundred. Who would dare to come to their hospital for treatment in the future?

A sharp pain appeared between his eyebrows. After taking a deep breath, Sean said with a serious face, "The child can't disappear without a reason. Now I have asked the technical department to investigate it. There will be news soon. Please calm down

ng good!

With a sneer, Aaron turned to look at Sean and said, "Sean, come with me. I found something."

Of course, Sean was looking forward to it. He nodded his head quickly and then hurried to catch up with him. Then the onlookers around gradually dispersed. Only the old woman looked regretful.

If she had threatened Sean earlier and got some benefits from him, she wouldn't have returned in vain.

After catching up with Aaron, Sean asked, "Aaron. Did you really find out something? "

With a serious look on his face, Aaron pulled him to Sean's office and said, "Yes. I suspect that Melissa was taken away by someone, not by herself. And the child on the screen is very likely to be the grandson that the woman said. "

It all depended on Jack. When Aaron had asked someone to track ZERO, Jack had come to the hospital to look for Aaron. Coincidentally, the surveillance camera the Technology Department had been hacked.

Such a situation was a common thing for Jack. After he adjusted the surveillance camera, it immediately returned to normal operation, and the black surveillance video was directly restored magically.

At the same time, Aaron also found out the situation when Melissa left. And he also found the most important thing, that was... Gina was there!

If that was the case, then things made sense. Why didn't they be stopped when they left? With Gina, who dared to say no?

She was the Miss Gina in this hospital. If anyone offended her, they would be fired.

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