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   Chapter 310

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He was even willing to bear all the pain for the sake of Kristen. This relationship came too persistent and too hurtful.

Kristen was so angry that her face turned red. She pointed at the nose of those people and scolded, "You are all good for nothing. You can't deal with a woman. What else do I want you to do? Get out, all of you! Get out!"

They did things so poorly and wanted her to take them to the hospital for treatment? They wish. She wouldn't spend her hard-earned money on these losers. It was useless.

Howard's eyes widened in an instant, and then he said in disbelief, "Kristen... You... "

Did such words really come out of Kristen's mouth?

While kicking the bodyguard under her feet, Kristen said, "Howard, I'm telling you the truth. I brought you here just to punish Shirley. Since she has left, there's no need for you to stay here anymore. I don't care about your atonement at all. I thought you could help me deal with Melissa, but you still failed. It's really good news that something happened to Melissa. I'm going to the hospital to see her and ridicule her by the way. If you don't have anything else to do, don't stay in my house. It will be bad if Jerry comes back and sees you. "

She didn't even raise her head, as if she didn't take Howard seriously.

Hearing Kristen's cruel words, Howard smiled awkwardly and explained, "I see. Shirley means no harm to you. She did that to that man because she was worried about me and defending me. I hope you don't take it to heart. "

For Shirley, Howard was gentle. At least, he would help Shirley think about the future. Of course, the premise was that when Kristen didn't exist.

In disgust, Kristen stretched out her hand and grabbed Howard's arm. Then she pulled him out of the door and said, "All right, all right. You'd better leave now. Don't get in my way here. I don't need you to lecture me. Get out of here."

She was fed up with Howard's face and couldn't vent her anger.

In the face of Kristen's ruthless words, Howard finally chose to be silent. He silently cooperated with Kristen's actions, even if he knew that as long as he was rough, it would be absolutely in the blink of an eye for him to easily defeat Kristen.

The door was slammed shut, and the smile on Kristen's face rose again.

With a sinister smile, Kristen slowly

oward just spoke out his words, another person who looked like the leader directly refuted him, "I'm sorry, Miss Shirley's life was taken by our brother. If you continue to stop us, we will not be polite."

When Howard was about to dissuade, Shirley lost her temper. At this moment, she just couldn't bear to see Howard come here to argue with her for another woman.

She stretched out her hand and pulled Howard away. Shirley leaned over and knocked down the man in front of her. "Get out of my way. Who do you think you are? You asked me to come here casually and then asked me to get out of my way. What qualifications do you have, Howard?"

Her roar was so loud that everyone stopped and looked at the position of the two people in confusion. Did they have an internal conflict now? In this way, maybe they didn't need to do it themselves, and the two of them would fight with each other.

Feeling a little headache, Howard got close to Shirley, held her wrist and said, "Shirley, don't be naughty. Can't you see what's going on now? As I said, it has nothing to do with you. You... "

But how could Shirley let him succeed? It was not easy for her to forcefully suppress her heart. How could she continue to make her heart ache?

With a sneer, Shirley stared at Howard and said, "Yes. I have nothing to do with you. My life was taken back by you. You can take it away at any time if you want. But Howard, don't flatter me here. I'm not so familiar with you. It's better for you to find a way to please Kristen than to waste my time here with me. "

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