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   Chapter 308

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Judith didn't think too much. She nodded quickly and briefly told her the task that was assigned by Aaron.

Lily rolled her eyes a little, and then leaned forward to set a trap for Judith. "So you are going to follow that ZERO now? I've heard of this person's name before. It's not good for you to go there alone. What if something happens to you. Well, since I've come out with you, I'd better go with you on the mission. If there is any emergency, we can take care of her. "

She just wanted to confirm if Melissa was really missing or not. Now that Melissa had just given birth to the baby, she was afraid that Melissa would still be weak. It was impossible for her to leave alone. In other words, she must have used someone's strength to leave, or she was abducted.

It would be better if she was kidnapped. As long as she killed Melissa by accident, she could put the blame on others. There was no more reasonable excuse than this.

Judith stood up in a hurry and grabbed Lily's hand. She walked out of the room and said, "Okay, sister. If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me. That man choose this time to show himself. I'm afraid something happened. If we don't act rashly, he won't find us. I'll tell you the rest on the way. "

Lily nodded and paid the bill and the two of them walked towards [穆清苏].

On the other side, Melissa begun her journey. The old man's driving skill was good, at least much better than what Melissa thought.

The path was muddy, and sometimes the old man had to stop and push. Since Melissa was not feeling well, she could only bear it and not say anything more.

When she wanted to go to the bathroom, she tried to stamp her feet and react to the old man, but the old man not only couldn't hear her ears, but also couldn't read.

Fortunately, after the two of them were familiar with each other, the old man would turn around from time to time to take a look at Melissa. He could understand what Melissa meant by gesture.

The old man whipped the horse and turned his head. "Little girl, why did you choose to leave at this time? It seems that you just have a child. This child is also fragile. You should take good care of yourself at that time, or you will get sick. "

A weak smile appeared on Melissa's face. Then she kept silent.

"Shut up, Howard. Don't flatter yourself. It's none of your business! "

Howard was interrupted by Kristen before he could finish his words. She had spent so much effort to imprison Howard here not for anything else, but to lure Shirley into taking the bait.

If she guessed right, Shirley must have a special feeling for Howard. Although Shirley called him brother last time, she was a woman, so she could understand the strange emotion in Shirley's eyes!

That woman probably had a special feeling for Howard. It was ridiculous. As Howard's sister, she should have such a feeling for her brother. If this news spread out, it would also have a great impact on her?

At the thought of this, [九幽] gave a sinister smile. If Shirley really had feelings for Howard, she would definitely come to save him. And then it would be the time for Kristen to torture Shirley...

Looking at the expression on Kristen's face, Howard obviously felt a little uneasy, but after thinking for a while, he restrained himself from thinking about it.

If she was willing to vent all her anger on him, he didn't care. As long as Kristen could start, he was willing to do anything for her.

Such love was really heartbreaking.

Not long after, a noise came from the door of Kristen's house. Needless to think, one could know who had rushed over.

All of a sudden, a smile appeared on Kristen's face. She stared at Howard and said with a smile, "That stupid woman. She looks so powerful, but in fact, she is a single-minded woman. "

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