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   Chapter 306

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Gina was pregnant?

Some women in the beauty salon heard this and instantly looked at Gina. Everyone knew that Gina had a special crush on Aaron.

And Gina had always said that she would marry Aaron. In addition, the two families had always been on good terms and had a relatively ordinary relationship. Naturally, everyone connected Gina and Aaron.

At this moment, it was suddenly said that Gina was pregnant. The first person to think of the baby's father was undoubtedly Aaron.

And Gina seemed to have been familiar with such a question for a long time. She didn't feel embarrassed at all. She smiled and then nodded shyly to admit it.

She was indeed pregnant now. A few months later, it would be more obvious that she was pregnant. At that time, there was no need to spread the rumor, and everyone would know what it was.

"Really? When did it happen? You really don't treat us as friends, right? You even didn't tell us such an important thing!"

"That's right. But you are pregnant now. Are you really sure you can do these things? Will it cause any stimulation to the baby? "

"When are you going to hold your wedding with Aaron? You must invite me then! We are good friends. Don't you think so? "

The crowd swarmed up in an instant, and Gina also enjoyed the feeling of being watched and held in the palm of her hand.

Gina reached out her hand, and then pretended to be shy. "I don't know, but our relationship can't be measured by a child. Besides, I'm busy recently. So I haven't been hung out with you guys for a long time. How about this? I'll pay for all the manicure, beauty care and skin care you have done today! I hope everyone can be happy. "

It seemed that if nothing went wrong, the news would spread out again today. At that time, she didn't believe that Aaron could still hold on to his reputation.

If the media knew that the person who threw the baby from such a high place in the hospital was Aaron, there would definitely be a storm. Moreover, it was absolutely impossible for a baby to disappear from the hospital for no reason without causing any disturbance.

With a sinister smile, Gina closed her eyes and took a short rest under the cheers of the crowd. Recently, she had been suffering from morning sickness. She had just experienced such a blo

ard and confronted ZERO, "Why are you here..."

Didn't this man disappear for a long time? Why did he suddenly appear in front of the door of the ward. Or did it have anything to do with Melissa?

While thinking, the expression on K's face began to change unnaturally. If it was related to him, then the matter would become tricky.

Even if it was Aaron, he was not sure that he could get away with it? Thinking of this, the expression on K's face became more and more serious.

However, it seemed that ZERO didn't recognize him. Instead, he got close to him and asked anxiously, "where is Melissa? What's wrong with her now?"

Didn't ZERO react when he saw 'Aaron'? Back then, the two of them had fought to the death...

Although he was confused, K didn't intend to reveal anything related to Aaron. "Does she have anything to do with you?"

ZERO stretched out his hand in disgust, and then pushed away K, pretending to drill in. "I don't have time to waste with you. Where is Aaron?"

Sure enough, he already knew...

K's breathing slowed down a little. Then he stared at ZERO with full attention and said tentatively, "Miss Melissa is gone. Mr. Aaron is also looking for her. This place doesn't seem to be suitable for people like you, right? If I go to the police station, I don't know if you can still stay here. "

He came here for the sake of Melissa... What was the relationship between the ZERO and Melissa?

When ZERO heard the police station, his expression changed obviously, but he didn't lose his temper.

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