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   Chapter 304

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Melissa nodded and didn't dare to resist at all.

The car was running slowly. But what Melissa didn't know was that they wouldn't be able to see each other again until a few years later.

After they left for nearly half an hour, Sean came to make the rounds of the wards and found that something was wrong.

After pushing the door open, Sean stared at the black figure and asked tentatively, "Is it K?"

As soon as he finished speaking, K turned around and nodded to Sean. His attitude was a little cold, but he was not too rude.

With a thermometer in his hand, Sean walked forward and asked, "Has Melissa stabilized? Does she has anything abnormal? "

He didn't know if it was his illusion. He always felt that every time he took a step forward, "Melissa" would tremble more obviously.

In order to make sure whether it was his illusion or not, Sean went straight to the side of Melissa and lifted the quilt off her. "It's time to take your temperature. It's not good if you get infected."

But as soon as he finished speaking, Sean sensed that something was wrong. Because this woman was not Melissa at all!

Blue veins appeared on Sean's forehead. In a fit of anger, he pulled the woman out of the bed and asked, "Who are you? Why are you here? "

Sean's action was a little abrupt. At the beginning, K group was also shocked. When he was sure that the woman was not Melissa, he found that the matter was tricky.

When on earth was a person displaced? He had no impression at all. Was it when he sent Gorman back?

'How could I let my guard down?'

The woman gave a sinister smile, then pushed Sean away and stood up directly.

She took a step back and then said seriously, "It's too late. They left half an hour ago. Now that the child has been killed by Aaron, how can Melissa still want to stay? "

Her task was very simple. She was responsible for buying time so that they would think that there was no hope for Melissa to live. Then Melissa disappeared, which was exactly what she said. In this way, Gina's plan could be carried out smoothly.

Sean took a deep breath and then rushed forward again, trying to grab the woman's wrist. But the woman's body

tigated, he would be the first person to be responsible.

After confirming that K had finished his words, Aaron said impatiently, "Okay, I'll be right there. Bye. "

After saying that, Aaron directly hung up the phone. Regardless of ZERO, he immediately turned around and left. But ZERO was also a smart man. When he saw the flustered look on Aaron's face and the small K's conversation, he knew that something must have happened to Melissa.

At that moment, he didn't have time to care about Sunny. He ran away without saying anything and quickly caught up with the direction in which Aaron left.

The farce ended in silence. It was not until the two of them had left for a long time that the people around them came to their senses and began to discuss what had just happened.

On the other side, Melissa and Gina had already arrived at the airport. Under the repeated pleading of Melissa, Gina took the child out and let her have a look.

When Melissa touched the baby's soft body, her eyes were filled with tears. This child was really his... At that time, when she was holding the child suppressed by Aaron, she didn't have such a strong feeling.

Just as Gina was about to take the child back, her phone suddenly rang, but it didn't interrupt the time when Melissa was enjoying the child.

Glancing at the familiar number, Gina said anxiously, "This is Gina. What's wrong?"

Call her at this time? Was there something wrong with her plan?

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