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   Chapter 265

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Seeing the disbelief in Lily's eyes, the waiter also got excited. He took out a photo from the bottom of the menu and said, "Look. I'm not lying. It's impossible to look exactly like Mr. Aaron in A city. "

As he spoke, he slammed the photo on the table with a loud noise.

Looking at the gloomy face of Aaron in the photo, Lily burst into laughter.

Obviously, he was confronting the man at the opposite table. It didn't look like he was eating. She really didn't know what was in these people's minds. Couldn't they see through such an obvious thing?

She slowly stood up and picked up the photo on the table. She slapped it directly on the waiter's face and choked, "Are you kidding me? I've been working for him for so many years. I never knew that my boss would like desserts. Besides, he doesn't seem to enjoy it at all. Are you trying to fool me in the name of Aaron? "

If he just said it jokingly, Lily wouldn't take it so seriously. But when she saw Melissa also in the photo, it was impossible to end it so easily.

The waiter was stunned for a moment. No one had expected that Lily would say something like that.

Indeed, that day, Aaron didn't eat anything but quarreled with ZERO. Then he pushed him away and unintentionally hurt a pregnant woman.

It never occurred to him that the employees of Aaron would be here. Besides, it seemed that she was quite familiar with Aaron.

This was terrible. Would the shop's reputation, which they had tried so hard to spread, be ruined today? No way. If the boss knew that he screwed it up, he would not let him go easily!

While thinking, the waiter swallowed subconsciously, and then smiled apologetically, "Oh, you are Mr. Aaron's friend. It's really impolite. There must be some misunderstanding. Miss, let's have a talk. Come on. Sit down. Let's have a talk. Although Mr. Aaron didn't... Okay, okay, I'll treat you this time. It's a publicity spot. Let's make a concession. What do you think? And if you eat it, I promise you won't regret! "

Looking at Lily's threatening eyes, the waiter had no choice but

u, I would have been the one by Aaron's side now. And I am the wife of the president. You little bitch, how dare you steal my things! "

Unable to resist, Melissa opened her eyes wide and looked at Sunny in silence. She was desperate now. All the worries seemed to be easily cut off in an instant.

That child was the crystallization of their love. He not only suspected the existence of the child, but also destroyed it with his own hands...

'It seems that I begin to hate you now, Aaron. I never hate you before... You promised me to give birth to this baby, but you still broke your promise in the end.'

Desperate, Melissa closed her eyes and her face was full of relief. It was also because of her expression that Sunny's smile disappeared in an instant.

All of a sudden, Sunny let go of her hand, which made Melissa cough silently.

With great difficulty, Melissa opened her eyes and looked at Sunny, who was wearing a crazy face. She shook her body a little and then grinned wildly. "Do you think I will let you die so easily? You are too naive, Melissa. I want you to regret, I want you to be sad, I want you to hate yourself, I want you to regret coming to this world. I will torture you to death Otherwise, how can I easily get rid of the hatred in my heart? "

As soon as she finished speaking, Sunny got close to Melissa and took off the nutrient solution from her.

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