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   Chapter 263

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As soon as she finished speaking, Lily saw a lot of things slowly floating over from the air and then standing in front of her.

Facing Judith like this, Lily felt like weeping but had no tears. She reached out her hand and put some things in Judith's arms before he said helplessly, "You silly girl, no one can move so many things at one time. Although it's a little tired to move them separately, it's at least safe. Or you can call the security for help. Why do you torture yourself like this? "

Judith smiled awkwardly and then she acted like a spoiled child, "It's not at all. Sister, let's go. I haven't been back for a long time. If the wound hadn't suddenly broken, I wouldn't have come back to live for a few more days... "

She hadn't come back for so many years. Who knew that she would experience such a thing as soon as she came back? It was really a little troublesome.

Lily smiled dotingly and then walked out of the room and changed the topic. "I'll take you out for a walk after I send the things back. For so many years, we two have no chance to be together all the time. I'm a little upset recently. I can talk to you. "

Since Judith was here, she might be able to get rid of Melissa with the help of Judith. In this way, no one could know it, and according to Judith's means, Aaron would never be suspicious.

Moreover, Aaron knew what kind of person Judith was. This method must work!

When she thought about it, her smile became more and more gloomy. But Judith didn't know that her sister had planned to push her into a storm.

There was no airtight wall in the world, and no paper could wrap the fire forever.

Obviously, Judith didn't see through Lily's intention. She added excitedly, "Well, sister, I also have a lot to talk to you. Sometimes I always feel that I may be gone at any time..."

Most of the time, people could understand a lot of things only when they were faced with death. For Judith, death was a common thing. At the beginning, she was in a panic, but later she became numb. What had happened during that process was beyond ordinary people's comprehension.

After smiling, Lily invited, "Yes, I remember that there was a new beauty shop opened rece

fter saying that, Jack reached out his hand and shook the car key in his hand. Then he quickly stepped on his car and roared away.

Hearing his sarcastic words, Judith's face darkened. She also worked for Aaron, okay? Why should she be treated differently?

Clenching her fists, Judith looked a little ferocious. When Lily turned around, she happened to see her sister's sad eyes. She shouted in her heart, 'This is not good.'

She didn't know what was wrong with Jack today. He always pointed at Judith. It seemed that she had to find a time to ask Jack what's going on with him and Judith.

If there was a feud between the two, it was impossible. After all, Judith seldom came back. She hadn't seen Judith for several years, let alone the chance Jack see her.

Lily immediately squeezed out a smile, and then came forward and comfort Judith, "Are you all right, Judith? Don't mind. Jack is just a little strange. Don't mind, okay? You just need to get used to it. Good girl. "

Seeing that Lily tried her best to comfort herself, Judith didn't make a fuss about it anymore. However, the resentment towards Jack was growing in private.

Twenty minutes later, Judith calmed down.

Lily held Judith's wrist, and then leaned forward to change the topic. "How about this? Let's go now. Mr. Aaron has specially approved a day's leave for me. I have nothing to do today, so I can go shopping with you. By the way, tell me, what have you been busy with these years? "

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