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   Chapter 262

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He thought it was Aaron said something to Liam that caused Liam to lose his mind or be strongly stimulated. It seemed that nothing had happened? Of course, it would be great if it hadn't happened.

Seeing the warden approaching, Liam immediately leaned forward, reached out his hand and grasped the handle of the door. While twisting, he said, "Let me ask you, how is the woman that was arrested with me before? Is she also in this prison? "

He had to get out to confirm with his own eyes that Judith was really safe, or he would never calm down.

The warden still looked calm, but he was completely confused about what Liam said. Afraid of interrupting Aaron's plan, the warden could only pretend to be indifferent and repeated, "That woman?"

Which woman? How could he know? His task was just to look after Liam and prevent him from running away. His superior had not told him more things.

Liam thought that the warden knew it, so he nodded quickly and then repeatedly hinted, "Yes. That woman! "

It seemed that he was right. He could easily know where Judith was...

The warden coughed hard and tried to change the topic. "Of course, she is also in this prison. People like you are unpardonable. Can you still have fun outside? "

If Liam asked him to take him there, all his lies would be exposed... No, he can't let it happen. What should he do?

While thinking, the warden was lost in thought. He didn't come to his sense until Liam urged him impatiently.

He smiled seriously, and then pretended to apologize helplessly, "What did you say just now? I was absent-minded for a while. Yes, you just mentioned that woman, right? Let me tell you, we can't make a decision on this matter. You'd better stay here quietly. If you hadn't done such a cruel thing, you wouldn't have had the chance to stand here today. "

He was talking about Judith when he was interrupted.

Liam twisted his body impatiently and roared, "Cut the crap. Get out of here. Call Aaron over! Call Aaron here, now! "

Now only Aaron could help him. These people were not reliable at all. It sounded better than

e spoke, he seemed to be getting more and more excited. The warden pounded the table more loudly, which made many people around look worried.

The warden turned his head unhappily and shouted at Abby, "What are you looking at? Do your work! Or don't you even want your salary?"

"Sorry... We'll go back to work right now. "

"I'm so sorry. Why are you pulling my clothes? "

"Ah... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I was just too nervous... "

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the prison became noisy. Liam, on the other hand, was like a pool of stagnant water. He sat aside silently, thinking about something.

But Judith was discharged from the hospital today. Lily seemed to have waited outside for a long time. Then she kicked her feet as if she was relaxed, While Judith smiled awkwardly. Then she ran out of the room with many bags of gifts and apologized, "I'm sorry, sister. I have a lot of things."

Lily nodded. She knew it without saying anything. All the things scattered on the ground were from Judith's handbag.

Although she wouldn't brought so many things when she went abroad alone, the most she could brought was took a hat or a traveling bag. It was the first time that she had seen so many bags.

Lily put her head in and called on, "Judith, you done?"

Hearing Lily's voice, Judith ran out of the room with many bags and said, "Okay, okay, I'll be right there..."

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