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   Chapter 261

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Aaron refused without hesitation. Scorpion coughed awkwardly and pretended to be calm. "I know there are many misunderstandings between us, but I still intend to make a deal with Mr. Aaron. Of course, I'm honest, you know that. Although my reputation may not be good outside, but my personality... It's okay. "

Aaron stopped his work, and then this just coldly rejected, "I don't have much time. If you don't want to say what you want, I'll hang up directly."

He didn't have so much time to play these little games with Scorpion. And if he did it quickly, he might be able to find out the location of Scorpion and arrest him.

Thinking that things had finally progressed in the past few days, Aaron was in a good mood.

Seeing that Aaron was about to hang up, Scorpion became obviously flustered. Then he interrupted Aaron in a hurry and said, "Mr. Aaron, you really don't have any room for negotiation. In fact, I know that you are detaining Liam now. After all, he is a drug trafficker. It's necessary to do something to him, but you have to consider whether his subordinates will make trouble or not. If possible, I can help you to assimilate Liam's strength. Of course, I also want to get something from you... "


This amused Aaron. What on earth could make Scorpion move? He was not a peddler. His business could be equal to the income of some white-collar workers for several months.

If it was a material thing, then the possibility was not very high. What was it?

"Say it."

Aaron's simple words gave Scorpion endless imagination. It seemed that this matter was going to work! At least Aaron didn't refuse directly, which meant there was still room for maneuver!

Seeing this point clearly, Scorpion quickly said, "I have a lot of crucial evidence in my hand to defeat Liam, and I can also get rid of him reasonably. And I can pretend to discuss with him to bring him out. By that time, if you put a crime of intentional break from the prison or intentional injury. In order to make sure that he won't harm the society, the superior won't blame you for anything even happen some accident... And what I want is not too much, I hope the police can temporarily get out of my sight. Now you

on at the bottom. If it was only a person called by Aaron to pretend, it was impossible for him to imitate it so well.

Everything was directed at Scorpion, Liam's face began to become a little serious.

Holding the recorder pen tightly, Liam leaned against the wall and said, "Scorpion, if I am sure that you are really going to sell me out, I will try my best to destroy you..."

There was no one can be useful at the critical moment. Now he finally knew what it felt like to see people's heart as time went by.

When he needed help, no one around him could stand up for him. But when Liam just had this idea, Judith's figure quickly flashed through his mind.

By the way, He don't know how Judith was now. He hadn't been able to see Judith since she helped him resist the harm.

Was she also tied up in this big prison like him?

At the thought of this, Liam, who had been quiet, went crazy. He kicked the door of the prison and shouted, "Hey! People outside! Come in!"

He had to make it clear, or he would feel uneasy. What's more, the people here were all powerful. If they saw that Judith was weak, would they be harsh on her?

At the thought of these possibilities, Liam's heart twitched violently. He hadn't taken good care of his woman yet. How could he let those rude men touch her?

Hearing the noise, the warden rushed in. After confirming that Liam was fine, he said coldly, "What are you doing! It won't change your fate how you mess up with us. "

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