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   Chapter 237

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Unfortunately, the fist did not fall. Aaron was also a man of flesh and blood. Moreover, he had been with him for more than twenty years. It was impossible for him to have no feelings for him.

He snorted and then loosened his hand. He sneered, "How stupid you are! That woman just used you. You are not a fool. Can't you see that?"

Howard should know what would happen if he betrayed him. Now that he knew the result and could still do this without hesitation, it must have something to do with Kristen.

Once, Howard was taken away by the enemy. They racked their brains and even used some methods they could think of. But they couldn't get any information about Aaron from Howard.

Of course, this was still widely discussed in the circle. When Aaron thought of it, he sighed with emotion.

But now, Howard just risked his life for a woman who didn't love him from beginning to end. What a fool!

Guilt was written all over Howard's face, but he didn't say anything, "I'm sorry, Mr. Aaron... As you know, Kristen... "

Kristen was destined to be the obstacle that Howard couldn't overcome in his life.

In the end, he couldn't say it out loud. Aaron waved his hand helplessly and gave an ultimatum, "I think you need to reflect on this matter. I don't need to work around a person who is devoted to two things at the same time. "

If Howard's future work was still changed because of Kristen, then he couldn't entrust many things to Howard.

After hearing what Aaron said, Howard was lost in thought for a while. It was not until Aaron walked to the door that Howard said quietly, "Mr. Aaron. Please give me some time. I will reflect on myself... And handle these problems well. "

But could he really easily give up on Kristen? That was another thing.

"Okay," said Aaron. Then he pushed the door open and walked out. The tense atmosphere returned to normal in an instant.

However, Howard stared blankly at somewhere and began to ponder...

He didn't expect that things would be exposed so soon. Because things went smoothly at the beginning.

Why did he suddenly give himself away?

Thinking of this, Howard clenched his fists.

A ray of morning light slowly sprinkled on the floor thr

s luxurious small apartment now.

Was this really the Ji family?

Surprised, Melissa blinked her eyes and turned to look at Aaron in confusion.

Was he wrong? How could Bob live in such a house. Or was Aaron trying to make her happy?

Looking at the puzzled look on Melissa's face, Aaron was somewhat suspicious.

After turning around and taking a look at Silver, the man walked up smartly and pressed the doorbell.

In the blink of an eye, there came the loud voice of Jill, "Coming. 'Who is it? It's so early in the morning. Why is the milk delivered so early today?"

As she spoke, she opened the door unhappily.

When she saw Silver in front of her, she was stunned at first, and then changed into a more casual smile. "Why is a young man here to send milk today? You are so handsome. Alas, my daughter hasn't been married yet, but it would be great if she has a boyfriend as handsome as you. Where is the milk? "

After checking around, Jill realized that something was wrong. She wanted to run, but it was too late.

Silver's hand blocked the door, but the smile on his face did not fade away.

Just when Jill felt her scalp tingling, Silver suddenly raised his lips and said, "I'm sorry. Our CEO seems to have something to talk with your daughter. Do you mind if we go in and have a seat?"

Their CEO?

At the mention of "CEO", the first person that came to Jill's mind was Aaron.

Was they sent by Aaron... Or did Melissa do something wrong again?

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