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   Chapter 236

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Melissa shook her head and refused to go there.

Since advancing is death, retreating is also death. It was better for her to protect her child and resist until the last second.

At least if she had tried, she wouldn't regret!

While thinking, Melissa cheered herself up. The funny scene amused Aaron.

But it was not the right time to say these words. He did have a lot of things to ask Melissa.

It had nothing to do with her, but why didn't Melissa explain it to him in time at that time? If Melissa had explained it, he might not have misunderstood her like this.

A misunderstanding made the two people uncomfortable.

"Come here!"

Aaron strode up and put his arms around Melissa's waist, forcing her belly to lean against him.

As expected, this method always worked. Every time when the child was involved, Melissa had to cooperate. Therefore, it could be seen that how important the child was in her heart.

But then again, he was the father of the baby...

Thinking of this, Aaron slowly reached out his hand and put it on the belly of Melissa, intending to feel the existence of the little life.

However, this move had unintentionally hurt Melissa.

With a plop, Melissa fell to her knees and kowtowed to Aaron with great difficulty, begging for mercy.

The child was her only hope in her mind now. If Aaron was going to destroy the child, Melissa would really break down.

He had tried every means to please her, but it seemed that Melissa couldn't understand what he was doing.

Instantly, anger rose. Aaron squatted down and pinched Melissa's chin, forcing her to look into his eyes. "Melissa! Stand up! Do you think I'm going to destroy this child? I misunderstood you about what happened before. I came here especially after I investigated the matter today. Did I come here to see you behave like a bitch? "

Melissa sobbed in a low voice. But she closed her eyes and didn't want to look into Aaron's eyes.

For a moment, Aaron sneered and shook off Melissa's chin. "Okay. Good. You did a good job. "

After saying these unreasonable words, Aaron went straight to the door, slammed the door and left.

With a bang, Melissa's heart beat faster.

After confirming that Aaron had left,

oman could make Melissa live such a poor life.

It seemed that he had met her parents several times for the sake of Melissa. But after all, they were just passers-by. Soon, they were out of Aaron's mind.

"I have collected all the information from the surrounding. And I have asked Jack for help..."

"How long have you been with me, Howard?"

Before Howard could finish his words, Aaron changed the topic. His topic was a little abrupt, which made Howard hard to digest.

Although he didn't understand why he asked this question, Howard still answered honestly, "It's been a long time. I have been working for you since I was six years old. "

Aaron slightly side his head, and then he asked unhappily, "Why did you lie. Does it have anything to do with Kristen? "

Howard had a special feeling for Kristen, which he had known for a long time. But he didn't expect that Howard would still like such a unscrupulous woman after so many years.

He really didn't understand what was in his mind.

Since the matter had been exposed, there was no need for Howard to continue to hide.

In front of Aaron, all the lies were exposed in an instant. Howard knelt down directly and apologized, "Mr. Aaron... Sorry, I... I really have no choice. "

No choice?

Just because he had no choice, so Melissa had to suffer so much injustice. Because of his "no choice", he almost strangled Melissa to death, including her baby.

Aaron clenched his fists and veins stood out on his forehead.

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