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   Chapter 232

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At this moment, no explanation could stop Aaron. So Melissa took out her phone and found Gorman's phone number. Then she sent him a message in a hurry.

Although she didn't know which side Gorman would stand on. But now she had no choice but to save the baby. The baby was innocent, so was she.

She didn't want Aaron ruin the two's love child in a fit of anger.

After pressing the send key, Melissa looked out of the window uneasily.

Was Aaron going to take her to the hospital to have an abortion?

Thinking of this possibility, the chill all over Melissa's body rose in an instant. Such a thing had just happened not long ago. That innocent little life...

No way. She must stop it.

While thinking, Melissa touched her belly.

Gorman, who was strolling on the street, immediately forgot everything at hand after hearing the prompt tone of the message and dialed Sean's number without a stop.

Gorman's face was tense. After the phone was connected, he hurriedly asked, "Let me ask you, Sean. I'm Aaron's grandfather. Does Aaron coming to find you? I'm worried that he might take Melissa to your hospital for an abortion. Remember to stop him! I'll be there soon. Okay, I see. Thank you for your help, Sean! I seldom ask for help in my life. This time, I beg you to stop him. It's easy for Aaron to act on his own will when he gets angry. I can't let his child get aborted! "

After listening to Gorman's voice, Sean was inexplicably respectful, and then answered in a much more respectful voice, "I know, Grandpa. But Aaron didn't contact me and told me about it. Did you misunderstand something... "

Gorman wiped the sweat off his forehead and stopped a taxi. "I don't know, but if anything happens, you must tell me as soon as possible. Maybe Aaron will go there soon. Remember what I said! "

Since Aaron was only close to Sean, he usually chose to go to Sean's hospital.

Now he could only take a gamble!

While comforting the old man, Sean waved at Selina and said, "Yes. I see. Now let me see what happened. If there is any new progress,

ther patients.

He turned his head to look at Melissa. For a moment, Sean felt sorry for this woman.

She must be tired of the fickleness of Aaron?

Aaron was so possessive. No matter what Melissa did, if anything went wrong, it would easily become the trigger of Aaron.

It seemed that Sean's arrival calmed Aaron down a lot. But he still didn't loosen his grip on Melissa.

He sneered, and then looked up and down at Melissa's belly. "Let go of me. Sean. It has nothing to do with you. I was afraid that you would get involved, so I didn't inform you. This woman is not qualified to have my child, let alone Whether the baby is mine or not is a problem. "

Now as long as he calmed down, all he could think of was the scene that Melissa was having sex with another man. Tossing and turning, how could he calm down?

Seeing the firm attitude of Aaron, Sean knew that the matter was serious.

After taking a glance at the tearful Melissa, Sean sighed and continued to dissuade him, "Have you found out the truth? Don't you trust Melissa? Sometimes things don't look like what you see. Maybe she... "

If the two of them wanted to make a scene, he must be on the side of Aaron unconditionally. Since the two of them were so close from childhood, how could Melissa compare with it?

But just now, Gorman had told him in person, so he had to focus on comforting Aaron.

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