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   Chapter 230

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It was rare for Sean to be so serious, and so did Aaron.

Nodding his head, Aaron sat down weakly and said, "I see. I'll do as you say."

His nerves had been on edge all the time because of what happened to Melissa. If he didn't find the answer as soon as possible, Aaron would probably collapse.

Instinctively, he chose to believe Melissa. After all, the two of them had been in the same bed for so long that they couldn't be connected, but they were clear about each other's character.

It was because of this that she calmed down and waited for Amy.

While he was thinking, Aaron suddenly turned to look at the pensive Sean and asked, "What do you think about the matter of Melissa?"

At that time, Sean was also there, and there should be no camera at the scene, right? The media were all isolated from the outside, and even if they shot the video, it was impossible to spread it so clearly.

At first, Aaron thought it was Liam who did it. But after investigation, he found that Liam had been locked up in a room alone since he came out of the court, and even the lawyer had been detained.

In that case, the two of them would have no time to fight in the so-called company.

Hearing that, Sean thought for a while and said with conscience, "Although I don't like Melissa very much, I don't think she is that kind of woman."

Aaron nodded approvingly. He thought the same thing as Sean.

On the other side, Howard was trapped in a dilemma for the first time in his life.

If he chose to hide it, it would break up the relationship between Aaron and Melissa. But if he chose to tell the truth to Aaron, Kristen would blame him.

Frowning, Howard held the phone tightly and didn't know what to say.

Noticing his hesitation, Kristen, who came to Howard voluntarily, reached out her hand and clung to his neck, begging, "Didn't you always say that you wanted to express your heart? Now you didn't hurt Aaron, nor did you do anything to hurt him, wasn't it good. As long as you insist that the woman in the video is Melissa, you will help me. "

There was a trace of tear on her face, and her pleading eyes made Howard unable to refuse at all.

With an embarrassed look o

she arrived, Howard had submitted the 'investigation' result to him. All of the evidence pointed at Melissa.

In the office, with a gloomy face, Aaron stared at the documents sent by Howard through the computer, his face turning livid.

Aaron's breath became a little heavier. He stared at the enlarged screen and gnashed his teeth, "Melissa... Is this the result that you ask me to trust you? "

Just as he was complaining, there was a sudden commotion outside the door.

"I'm sorry, miss. You can't come in."

"My lady! Do you have an appointment? "

"Miss, please don't go on. This is the CEO's office. Please don't make things difficult for us. "

"My lady..."


Before the secretary could finish her words, the door was kicked open by Shirley.

The gloom on her face was as bad as that on Aaron's.

Of course, Aaron was unhappy to be disturbed. But when he saw who it was, he managed to restrain his anger and said, "Shirley? What are you doing here? Howard is not here. "

Shirley quickened her pace and slapped hard on Aaron's table, shouting, "Aaron, I want you to arrange tasks for me. No matter what kind of task it is, I want it now! I can't go back to the organization for the time being. You can arrange tasks for me! "

Now no matter what she did, as long as she didn't hear the name Howard.

Why? No matter where she went. Everyone wanted to link her with that name. Didn't they know that she was very tired of Howard now!

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