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   Chapter 229

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After resentfully putting the phone aside, Judith closed her eyes and lay back on the bed.

Fortunately, a nurse came in and changed the infusion bottle for her, which calmed Judith down gradually.

'Ellen, I will pay you back more for the humiliation you brought to me today!'!

Gritting her teeth, Judith swore to herself and closed her eyes without thinking too much.

Time passed. Finally, within half an hour, Jack sent the IP address of the video to Aaron.

As soon as he received the new e-mail, his phone rang. "Mr. Aaron. This is Jack. I have sent you the IP address, but it seems that it has stolen the IP address of another country, but I still found it. This is the IP address of a company. It seems that they wanted to cooperate with us a few days ago, but we didn't cooperate with them. Is it a revenge? "

When Jack said this, he thought it was reasonable. He nodded approvingly and praised his own mechanism.

Then Aaron clicked on the email.

As expected, a mini map was shown on his screen in an instant, along with the surveillance camera nearby.

Sure enough, it was Jack who was able to complete several times of the workload of an ordinary person in such a short time. It must be him.

With a smile, Aaron felt a little relieved. "I see. Thank you. If Howard asks you something later, you can help him investigate. You don't have to report to me. "

Without any doubt about Aaron's order, Jack nodded and quickly hung up the phone.

After zooming in on the map, Aaron's eyes widened in an instant and he was in a bad mood. "Isn't this address next to my company?"

How could it be? If the enemy was so close, how could he not know.

Aaron breathed faster and stood up in a hurry. This matter must be solved as soon as possible. Leaving such a big hidden trouble by his side was definitely a very dangerous thing.

While thinking, Aaron went out directly. At the same time, he didn't know that the man in that place had already left.

When Aaron arrived at the neighborhood, he saw a large group of people tearing down the house.

Aaron walked up and grabbed a worker who was removing the house. "What's going on?

on put his car key aside and asked, "What's wrong?"

Without hesitation, Sean handed over what he had just checked out and said, "Go to draw blood with me later. I suspect that you are addicted to drugs now. Tell me, are you still drinking this tea. The tea was full of drug! According to the proportion you gave me before, as long as half a box is not enough, you've been taking drugs for more than two years Aaron! "

His expression was somewhat ferocious. He had seen too many drug dealers. It was hard for him to imagine that one day, Aaron would be reduced to the same level as them.


So that was why he couldn't stop drinking before.

With a frown, Aaron took a glance at the tea and said, "I guess there's more than a box. Damn it! Liam dared to set me up. Get rid of this thing right now. If it was his plan, he would probably ask someone to search my house. Fortunately, I've brought it here. "

Damn it! He should have noticed it when he was addicted to it at the beginning. Why didn't he realize it until now...

Sean touched the tip of his nose, sat down and began to write the prescription on the computer, "I'll prescribe you a medicine first, and give you an oral one. It will take effect 30 minutes after the medicine is taken. The blood concentration in 4 hours reaches the peak, and the effect lasts 24 to 36 hours. So you can come here earlier tomorrow. I'll do another examination for you. Do you understand?"

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