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   Chapter 228

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Feeling a little annoyed, Aaron rubbed between his eyebrows. Then he took out his phone and dialed Jack's number. "This is Aaron. Jack, I need you to do something for me."

When Jack received the phone call from Aaron, he didn't feel surprised. After all, the matter about Melissa had been widely discussed, and it was only a matter of time before Aaron asked him to investigate it.

With a candy in his mouth that had just been opened, he looked at the screen and replied, "I can probably guess what you want to say, so I've begun to investigate already. Now I've probably found some suspicious places. I'll send it to your private e-mail now Well, give me half an hour later. I'll hack into the internal system of the court directly. I seem to have met that man somewhere before. "

Aaron, who was about to say something, chose to be silent after hearing what Jack said.

Now that Jack had said so, there was no need for him to continue investigating. Aaron believed in Jack's ability.

After nodding his head, Aaron opened his e-mail. Sure enough, he received the message from Jack five seconds ago.

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, he gradually calmed down and said, "Okay, I'll contact you in half an hour."

"Okay," Jack said and waited for Aaron to hang up.

After hanging up, Jack pushed his glasses on the bridge of the nose and continued to concentrate on the search.

On the other side, Lily went to the hospital to visit Judith under the notice of Aaron.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Judith put down her phone subconsciously and turned to look at the door. When she saw the familiar face, tears blurred Judith's face in an instant.

"Sister... Sister! "

Excitement was written all over Judith's face. She was different from Lily. Lily's good play was related to math, finance and so on. Every time, she could minimize the cost and get the best interests. Of course, this point was broken in an instant after the appearance of Melissa.

That was one of the reasons why she was so dissatisfied with Melissa.

If the job was taken away at any time, who could calm down?

Looking at the wounds all

it was spread from the court. What's more, it had something to do with Aaron. What the hell was going on!

Hearing her intention, Jack suddenly burst into laughter, and then said in a lukewarm tone, "I'm still dealing with this matter. If there is nothing urgent, don't come to disturb me. You are just a spy. It's not good for you to ask too much. What's more You should know something about Liam. If you betray him Then I will suffer losses. "

Jack might have a crush on Lily, but he had no interest in Judith, who had sold her body for a task.

What's more, he only obeyed the orders of Aaron. He always listened to other people's requests from left to right.

Hearing her indifferent words, Judith got angry in an instant. Then she said angrily, "What do you mean by that? Do you think I will betray Mr. Aaron?"

She knew clearly how he mocked her, but she just couldn't accept the same view as Jack.

They were all work under Aaron, why should she accept other people's strange eyes?

Hearing what she said, Jack didn't show any guilt.

Jack tore open the candy bag again and said, "Who knows? You often go out. It's normal for you to betray me, isn't it? I have something else to do. You can't afford to delay it. "

When Judith was about to say something more, the automatic and ruthless sound came from the other end of the phone.

Judith glanced at the screen suspiciously and said loudly, "Hello? Hello! Damn it! You bastard! "

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