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   Chapter 227

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At this moment, no matter how hard Melissa cried or yelled, Aaron couldn't be softhearted.

Glancing at Howard who was driving intently, Aaron said gloomily, "Drive the car directly to the villa. I have something to deal with. No one is allowed to come in without my permission, understand? "

At the thought that his woman had been raped by others, his heart was filled with anger. He almost lost his mind.

Howard nodded quickly and then replied, "Yes. I see, Mr. Aaron. "

He didn't dare to stop for a moment. With a little more strength, he stepped on the gas and the car roared away in an instant.

And the media who were chasing after them were left far behind.

Half an hour later, Aaron got out of the car and pulled down Melissa.

With a thump, Melissa knelt down on the ground. Her face was twisted, as if she was very uncomfortable.

At this time, Aaron seemed to have calmed down a little. He frowned and said, "Stand up. I have something to ask you."

Tears welled up in Melissa's eyes. After all, Aaron didn't believe her, did he?

After biting her lower lip, Melissa struggled to stand up from the ground.

Her knees, which were originally shopping, had been grazed. It was already difficult for Melissa to walk, and every step she took now made her heart ache. But the wounds on the surface were far less painful than those in her heart.

Although she thought so, Melissa still nodded in agreement and managed to catch up with Aaron.

At this moment, Aaron was not in a hurry to question her. Instead, he pulled her into the bedroom of the two and said, "Come in."

Melissa was dragged into the room and then fell heavily on the bed.

Aaron's body instantly covered her and directly resisted her on the bed.

With a gloomy face, Aaron kissed on Melissa's lips and said, "Tell me, who is that man?"

Tears gathered in Melissa's eyes again, and she shook her head repeatedly.

She had never done such a thing with another man. Even if she had to admit it, she would never get the answer, wouldn't she?

Seeing that Melissa didn't want to admit it, Aaron reached out his hand and grabbed his throat. Then he said crazily, "Ask yourself. Did I do a

hand on the forehead and closed his eyes feebly. Then he leaned against the chair and sighed, "Melissa... What do you want me to do? "

On the other side, ZERO also received the same notice.

ZERO frowned, took off his uniform and whispered, "Is that so. I see... Keep observing. If there is any progress, report to me immediately. By the way, you should do as I said later. You must minimize the damage to Melissa, understand? "

"Okay. I see! "

The chaos in the morning soon came to an end. However, the video clip of Melissa spread all over the Internet in the morning. There were even many people sending high-definition copies, whose faces were blurred.

No matter what news it was, it was always on the top search or the front page. However, Liam, who was behind all this, acted as if it had nothing to do with him and went to jail obediently.

It was almost afternoon when Aaron got the news.

He turned on his computer and opened a browser casually. The headlines and videos of the home page came into view in an instant.

Aaron clicked it in. As soon as he saw what was on it, he asked with a gloomy face, "What the hell is going on?"

He remembered that he had asked Howard to block today's news, and everyone present would do him a favor.

Even if someone was hostile to him, he would never do it so obviously. Because once they were detected, they would die.

The person who dared to confront Aaron openly in A city hadn't born yet.

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