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   Chapter 226 Aaron's Video Was Exposed

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Aaron frivolous turned, and then he look at Liam with a smile, "Really? I just told them the truth. Do you think there is anything wrong? "

After Liam calmed down, he had a clear mind. After glancing at the people around him, he said calmly, "Of course. I didn't do it. Although I don't know who framed Melissa, it's definitely not me. I can guarantee that. And for the sake of fairness, you can investigate this matter as soon as possible. Otherwise, it won't be fair to anyone, right? "

Just as Liam was defending himself, Melissa suddenly stretched out her hand and tugged at the corner of the lawyer's clothes. Then she handed in another inspection report.

The lawyer was surprised at first, but when she saw the signature of the doctor, she smiled again. "By the way, there seems to be a certificate signed by James, a famous doctor in B City."

While she was speaking, she took the report from the hand of Melissa and enlarged it in front of the screen.

Not everyone could imitate that signature. Besides, it was also attached with the medical instructions written by James himself.

"The handwriting is indeed James's. I've met this doctor before. As long as he helped me, there's no one who can't be saved. "

"Yes. You are right. I have also asked him to make a diagnosis! "

The surrounding jury's discussion became more and more obvious, and all fell into the ears of the surrounding people.

It had to be said that Melissa had fought this battle very well!

Seeing that the situation had been one-sided, Melissa no longer typed any more. She bowed slightly, held her big belly and slowly walked down.

Just as Melissa was about to walk back, the lawyer walked up to her and held her. "Be careful. You are pregnant."

With a grateful smile, Melissa sat back next to Aaron, waiting quietly for the situation to change.

Liam's face turned red. Then he pointed at Aaron and shouted, "I... You are not a man, Aaron!"

The people around him stared closely at Liam, fearing that he would suddenly do something strange when he was furious.

Aaron's face was full of innocence, then he said with a smile, "What about me? Will I set my w

or not Melissa could keep up with him.

With a painful expression on Melissa's face, she shook her hand hard, trying to break free from the shackles of Aaron. The strength gap between the two was too great, and no matter how hard she struggled, it was in vain.

It was not until they got into the car that Aaron let go of Melissa's hand and pushed her into the car.

Aaron coldly scanned after Melissa and asked her in a mean way, "Do you have anything to explain to me about the video? Huh? Melissa. "

Shaking her head desperately, Melissa opened her mouth and wanted to explain, but she couldn't say a word for a long time.

An indescribable anxiety surged out from her chest.

Although the scene was not clear, Aaron still saw the enchanting woman at the first sight

He had slept with Melissa many times. How could he mistake her?

As he thought of this, the smile at the corners of Aaron's mouth deepened, but the others did feel endless chill.

He grabbed Melissa's chin and said coldly, "Do you want to tell me that the woman in the video wasn't you? Huh? "

Melissa's eyes were filled with tears, and then she shook her head repeatedly.

It was not like that, but why didn't Aaron believe her at all That woman was really not her!

She had been staying by Aaron's side all the time. How could she betray him?

Unfortunately, Aaron couldn't calm down now His mind had already been shocked by the scene just now.

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