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   Chapter 219

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Now that Aaron had said so, Judith didn't need to keep anything!

As soon as the topic was opened, there was no sign of stopping?

After finishing all the important things she had collected, Judith stretched out her hand with great difficulty and rubbed it back and forth in her arms. She took out a piece of bloody paper and handed it to Aaron.

After a while, she reached out her trembling hand and explained, "This is the entrance and direction of his secret passage. If you walk alone, you will easily get lost. I drew it with my memory when I woke up just now. I don't know if it's useful, but if it's useful, that's the best. "

Aaron nodded and patted Judith on the shoulder, "I see. Then you can have a rest first. Your sister may come later. I have told her your situation. "

Hearing her sister would come, the gaunt woman became energetic in an instant.

Her eyes turned red. Then she nodded and thanked Aaron, "My sister... Thank you, Mr. Aaron! I will work harder in the future! "

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Aaron stepped back and said, "Yes. Take good care of yourself. I still have a lot of things to ask for your help in the future. "

It turned out that Judith was the spy that Aaron had arranged for Liam. Although it was only a few days that she worked for Liam, she was definitely not a simple person judging from her way of doing things.

Even in order to get some information, she could sell her body

As Judith said, she and Lily were sisters. Although the two of them looked similar, their tempers and behaviors were totally different.

With a trace of nostalgia, Judith closed her eyes and began to rest, preparing to welcome Lily with her most energetic self.

On the other side, Melissa and Howard were probing into each other.

In fact, when Aaron and Sean were discussing that matter, the first person that Melissa suspected was Howard.

Although she couldn't find a reason, instinctively, Melissa didn't like Howard at all. Therefore, once Howard got close to her, Melissa would be like a wounded kitten, staring at him and saying nothing.

Howard's expression didn't change much, but after a long silence, he suddenly turned to look at Melissa and said, "I have never known that Miss Melissa has such a


The relationship that had finally been restored began to become subtle in an instant.

James smiled awkwardly, and then took the initiative to walk to his side. He held her directly into his arms and said, "Hello? This is James. Who are you? "

In order not to arouse Sabina's suspicion, James put his phone on speaker.

Indeed, he had nothing to do with the woman called Linda. They were just a guest and a storekeeper at most. He didn't do anything wrong, so he was not afraid of being found out by Sabina.

Seeing that James didn't care about it at all, Sabina began to reflect on whether things were different from what she had imagined.

Hearing the familiar voice, Linda quietly breathed a sigh of relief and then smiled, "I've told you that this phone call is from you, drunk. Why did you leave your phone here last time when you came here for a drink. I wanted to call you and return the phone to you, but I called you for two weeks, but I couldn't get through to you. "

Give back the phone? It's that a joke! Sabina's face turned gloomy. If Linda came, she would make Sabina break up with him.

After a chuckle, James refused, "No, just keep the phone. I'll apply for a new card later. "

He would rather go to get a new card than see her?

Linda felt a little bitter in her heart.

Feeling a lump in her throat, Linda took a deep breath and then sneered, "I've been waiting for you for two weeks. Is that all you want? Well, it's my fault. I'll take your phone as compensation. Bye! "

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