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   Chapter 218

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In the ward, Sean leaned against the wall, silently waiting for the return of Aaron and Melissa.

About two minutes later, they slowly appeared in front of him.


Sean called out the name of Aaron and waved his hand repeatedly, indicating him to come over.

Aaron nodded and sped up. Since the woman had woken up, he had to go and ask her about something.

That was to say, he would leave soon, so it was inevitable for Howard to come here.

Aaron slowly stopped the wheelchair and immediately changed the topic. "Yes. How is it going? "

Sean didn't think that Melissa was also there. It seemed that he was used to such a conversation. He didn't care about it and answered directly, "She's still weak, but she just needs to recuperate. Fortunately, the injured part avoided the vital parts, so there was no fatal injury. But she said she wanted to see you, so she had to talk to you face to face. "

Lowering his head thoughtfully, Aaron rubbed his chin and replied, "Okay. I'll go to see her after Howard comes. We also need to confirm something with her. She should know the most about the situation. After all, she is with him... "

The two of them looked at each other in tacit understanding and then retreated to the ward.

The atmosphere in the ward was a little depressing. No one took the initiative to speak a word, and Sean kept playing with his mobile phone, but it was not difficult to see the anxiety between his eyebrows.

After hesitating for a while, Melissa reached out her hand and patted the pat slowly to ask Aaron. "Is there anything wrong?" ...

Suddenly, the sound of palms came from the quiet room. Aaron and Sean looked up at the direction of the room in tacit understanding at Melissa's position.

But when Aaron listened to the rhythm of her clapping, he was relieved in an instant.

About thirty seconds later, Aaron had already guessed what Melissa wanted to say. Then he directly interrupted, "Don't worry. It will be OK. That guy is just a spy I have planted in the past. Now she has come back. So I need to check something with her to make sure the plan can go smoothly the day after tomorrow. Don't think too much. It's okay. "

As he spoke, he stood up and lea

addictive drug?

Hearing what Judith said, Aaron stiffened.

No wonder he couldn't stop drinking tea before. The tea should have been ordinary, but somehow it seemed to have some magic, making people want to continue chasing after it.

Was it because of drugs?

Looking at the changing expression on Aaron's face, Judith had expected the worst.

She swallowed subconsciously and then asked tentatively, "Mr. Aaron? How are you feeling? You don't look good. Have you drunk all of them? "

Aaron immediately came to his sense, and he shook his head and said, "Don't worry. I'm not. If I have, can I still be so energetic in front of you. I got it. I asked someone to test the tea just now. The result will come out soon. By the way, do you have anything else to report? "

Judith nodded and looked at Sean vigilantly.

If she remembered correctly, this man should be the director of the hospital. Although he was a good friends of Aaron, they were not as good as the seven of them.

The seven of them were not only Aaron's employees, but also his loyal subordinates. Other employees couldn't do something, but it was a common thing for the seven of them.

Everyone had different specialties, but each of them was unique. This was one of the reasons why Aaron treated the seven of them like this.

Noticing Judith's intention, Aaron raised his chin and shrugged, "Don't worry. He is not an outsider. He has helped us a lot this time. Let's get straight to the point. "

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