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   Chapter 216

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Just when Sean thought that Aaron was going to attack Melissa, he found something shocking.

Aaron gestured the nurses around them to take off the infusion bag and put it aside. Then he brought a wheelchair.

With the help of Aaron and a nurse, Melissa reluctantly sat on the wheelchair.

Sean's heart hung in the air.

It was only less than an hour before Melissa woke up. How could she bear such a torture? What's more, she had those things in her body

In a hurry, Sean stepped forward and stopped Aaron. He explained, "But Melissa just had an operation. It's not good for her health if it goes on like this. The baby is still very unstable, and it is likely to miscarry at any time! "

If it was Melissa's demand, then Sean wouldn't say anything. But it seemed that Aaron didn't know much about it, so he had to be cautious.

Aaron turned around and glanced at Melissa. Then he walked up to her and said, "I know. But it was her own choice. Melissa, you might lose your baby if you insist to go with me. If you lie back, the baby will have a greater chance of survival. I'm just going to talk to Sean about something. Are you really going to follow me? "

Melissa nodded vigorously. It was rare to see a trace of firmness in her eyes. She was no longer as confused and distant as before.

Raising his lips, Aaron's appreciation for Melissa increased a lot. "Since she has made up her mind, is there any problem?"

Since he had said so, it would be meaningless if Sean continued to refuse.

Sean walked up to Melissa and said to the nurses, "Come with me. I'll take this infusion bag with me. By the way, go to my office and ask Selina to sort out the materials I gave her yesterday. Then send to 2 small meeting rooms. "

The nurse nodded obediently and carefully handed the infusion bottle over, replying, "Okay, Dean. I'll contact Selina right now. "

It was not easy for her to have a face-to-face contact with Dean Sean. She had to behave herself well. Maybe if the Dean liked her, she would have a chance to directly enter the head nurse department.

When she thought about it, the nurse's face was full of sweet expressions.

The nurse turned around quickly and ran all the way. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared from their si

ssa. Besides... Who else do you think can easily put the drug in the food of Melissa for times without being found? "

If they hadn't been found it during the inspection, they might have been still not know. They didn't even know when Melissa's baby was gone!

Hearing this, the eyes of the quiet sitting Melissa widened in an instant

Did she hear it wrong? Did they mean that someone was going to kill her baby Was it Aaron? Was it Sean?

No, no... How could it be possible.

Melissa trembled subconsciously, trying to escape from what they would say next.

But she couldn't make a sound now, and her whole body was soft and powerless. Let alone escape, it was good to move a finger.

After hesitating for a while, Aaron said slowly, "Basically, I live with Melissa. If there is something wrong with what she eats, then there should be something in my body. But according to what you said, there must be a mole... I have to find a way. If it went on like this, something would happen But who will it be? "

Gently pulling his chin, Aaron fell into a brief thought.

Sean also began to feel that this topic was too heavy. After thinking for a while, he tried his best to help Aaron figure it out. "Isn't there a monitor in your room. You'll know after take a look. But you'd better be the most cautious about this matter, lest you disturb the mole. I think it's better for Melissa not to leave the hospital for the time being. As soon as she gets back to the villa, there'll be unknown factors. "

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