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   Chapter 214

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With a sneer, Dustin stepped forward and said, "If you beg me, maybe I can help you. But I don't know what you can exchange for?"

Gina's scalp tingled when she met him. She took a step back and bumped into something, making a loud noise. Many maids outside the door were attracted.

The maid outside reached out her hand, gently patted the door and asked, "Miss Gina, are you okay?"

Hearing the maid's voice, Gina felt like a life-saving straw for a moment. She would never beg Dustin for help. She felt fear when she just seeing him.

Surprised, Gina turned around and cried for help, "Open the door and come in! Grandpa is going to beat me to death. Help me! Hmm... "

Unfortunately, Dustin covered her mouth before she could finish her words.

"Grandpa? Isn't that Dustin? "

Some maid said this first, and the villa of the Liao Family began to be in chaos in an instant.

The maids looked at each other for a long time before they began to discuss the agreement. "Go and inform Mr. Sean that Miss Gina is in danger. But what's going on? What is Mr. Dustin doing? "

A group of people went to call the security guards for help, while some tried to contact Sean.

However, Dustin's face darkened. "You bitch! Do you still want to come back to Aaron? Don't be so naive. You are forcing me to sacrifice you. "

Sacrifice you?

Gina's body instantly tensed up. At the beginning, she just wanted to escape from Dustin. She didn't intend to make things like this, but now that she had said it, if the situation went on, she would definitely die.

An unprecedented sense of fear arose naturally. Gina shook her head and forced a smile. "Grandpa... No, I know I was wrong. I was just kidding. Don't take it seriously. I'll explain it to everyone later. Don't do that. Grandpa... "

Dustin's eyes were full of hatred. He pinched Gina's neck with a little strength and smiled, "Now you know you are wrong? It's not too late. You were just the child of a woman who was brought up by Lawrence. Illegitimate child stays in our family and wants to resist me? "

His words hurt Gina. In an i

hearsal. "

The misunderstanding was uncovered, and everyone's face was full of a look of epiphany. There was no doubt about what Gina and Dustin had said.

Even if there was, no one would be willing to point it out.

Only a fool would do something hard and thankless.

With a big smile on her face, Gina walked up to Sean and held his wrist. She shook Sean's wrist and said coquettishly, "Brother, it's true. Don't worry. Besides, he is our grandfather. Will he do anything to me? Grandpa loves me the most, doesn't he? "

After looking around for a while, Sean nodded and said, "I see. Since you have nothing else to say, I'll leave. Don't call me again if this kind of unreasonable farce happens again. I'm very busy. I don't have so much time to waste here with you. "

After saying that, Sean turned around and left, glancing at the people in the room.

One of the security guards came up and apologized to Gina, "Miss, I'm sorry Since you have nothing else to do, we will continue to work. If you have anything else, you can contact us at any time. "

Gina turned her head away impatiently, threw the things on the table directly to the security guard's face and roared, "Get out!"

For a moment, the servants in the room didn't dare to stay any longer. They were afraid that they would be the next one to suffer.

In the blink of an eye, the people in the room almost disappeared.

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